How to style all kinds of pants with boots

In how to style different types of pants with boots, you should pay attention to its form and practical position. For day wear, choose tan boots with light pants, but for evening wear, choose darker pants. Another feature that has a high impact in addition to form and position is seasonal change. In the spring, your choice is lighter items in the bushes and darker and heavier colors in the cold seasons. Skinny jeans can be worn with any type of boot, especially with knee-high boots and sock boots. It is better to choose jeans with straight, half-boots that are placed on the leg. If you want your legs to look taller and more elongated, try baggy pants with heeled ankle boots.

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Skinny jeans inside the boot

To have a long and slim line, put the pants inside your boots. This is best done with skinny jeans. If you have a relatively slender leg, this boot model is the best option for you to style; Because there is no stretch in the back of the leg when walking. A consistent and seamless appearance requires special attention to the color of the boots and pants. But if you want your boot to show itself in more style, create a contrast. Put the color and material of your boot in more contrast with the pants.

Skinny jeans inside the boot

If the back of your leg is a little full, try skinny jeans off the boot. Roll your pants twice and turn them over; This will make the ankle stand out. The best relative amount to see the ankle is 1 to 2 cm. If your jeans are too long, you need more width to fold; The wider the trouser leg, the more lines are created above your feet instead of one. In terms of proportional structure, the line of your leg is cut in an unpleasant way. This model of folding pants is not suitable for work environments. It is better to choose your jeans on the boot and not to see any part of your ankle.

Skinny jeans inside the boot

Be sure to choose a pair of pants that fit your boot height to create a relative fit. You want to make your legs look slimmer; Deciding which combination of jeans and boots is better requires trial and error. In addition to the height of the pants, the length of your torso will be decisive. If your upper body is shorter, you can shorten the leg line with a larger roll.

Skinny jeans outside the boot

The bottom of your pants may have a cut or a beard. It is better not to think about rolling to wear this model of pants with boots. Release the bottom of the pants. It does not matter if part of it is inside or outside. The best way to wear this boot model with pants is to release it. To show off your boots with this model of pants, choose a fabric and material that contrasts with your pants in the boot.

Skinny jeans with boot socks

In recent years, sock boots have become very popular. Pay more attention to combining skinny jeans with sock boots; Because it creates a unified look in your style. One of the advantages of sock boots is the fit of your ankles and legs. It does not matter if you wear these boots under pants or on top of them; Because it is not supposed to make your feet look bigger and out of visual proportion. The same rules apply to knee-high and knee-high boots.

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Baggy jeans with heeled boots

The most important part of the 2021 trend has been the baggy jeans with heels. In the previous articles of SAARC Wardrobe Magazine, we have been introduced to different types of baggy jeans. There is no one-size-fits-all rule on how to combine items. So make this style as you like. Just make sure you fit your upper body closer to your lower body. Fold your pants about 1 to 2 cm twice. Heeled boots make your legs more elongated and balance your frame. So wearing baggy jeans with a high crotch will give you a stylish style. This combination looks great together. But choosing a gold boot may not be a bad choice. To take your style out of the ordinary, choose your boot with a different material and color. Choosing different types of boots over the shape of your pants is one of the easiest ways you can guess the other components of the style.

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