How to find the perfect safety shoes for yourself at work

Today, most work environments require special attention, and companies are required to follow a set of rules to maintain safety in the workplace. One of the prerequisites in high-risk work situations is the use of safety shoes, because 7% of injuries caused by accidents at work are related to foot injuries. It is the duty of employers to provide appropriate safety shoes to their workers, and it is the right of workers to wear appropriate safety shoes to maintain their safety and health.

After all, having a safe and secure work environment is also a priority for employers. However, there are some employers who ignore such risks and buy cheap and low quality shoes. Of course, this is not a good method because it causes them to have to replace it in a short time.

Therefore, it is best to appoint an HSE manager or health and safety expert to analyze the hazards in the workplace and, based on the results, suggest suitable work shoes for the workers. Next, let's take a closer look at the types of safety shoes suitable for high-risk environments.

Safety shoes for walking

If you aee in a profession whic requires you to walk on your feet for long hours, than you must have the proper shoes. You need to have flexible shoes that can hold your feet, and give you comfort throught the day. They need to be slip ressitant as well, because you want to avoid injuries. If youre looking for such shoes, here is a great list of postal shoes. Although intended for mail carriers, its a great list for any worker who works on his feet.

Heat resistant safety boots

Workers exposed to high temperatures need safety shoes that can withstand extreme heat. Otherwise, improper shoes may catch fire and burn the wearer severely. Therefore, fire safety boots should be used in factory environments such as steel and smelting to prevent such injuries and qzz in your life.

Safety shoes (or work shoes) are very important for any person who has a high-risk work environment. Both Iranian and foreign brands with quality are available in the Iranian market. In this article, we are going to point out some basic points about external safety shoes. Knowing these tips, choose the most comfortable shoes for yourself. European and American countries issue an international standard or certificate for shoes called EN ISO 20345, which itself is divided into several sub-categories.

Should I buy foreign or Iranian safety shoes?

In answer to this question, it should be said that it depends entirely on you, we have quality safety shoes in the country that are licensed by the Ministry of Labor. But if for any reason you want to buy foreign safety shoes, read the rest of the article to the end.

Types of safety shoes

High-risk work environments are different. Some people work in steel mills, some deal with high-pressure electricity, and some deal with heavy objects. In a general division, we divide safety shoes into several categories:

Shockproof safety shoes: Suitable for people who deal with high voltage electricity or electricity in general.

Anti-penetration safety shoes: For people who work in environments full of sharp objects (such as large glass warehouses).

Heavy object safety shoes: The name of this shoe indicates that it protects the toes from falling objects.

Heat-resistant safety shoes: For people who work in steel companies and high-temperature furnaces.

Safety shoes for working at height: This need not be explained by its name.

Static anti-static safety shoes: For people who deal with electronic boards and prevent static electricity transmission.

Anti-slip safety shoes: For slippery environments (environments full of oil and slippery surfaces).

Which external safety shoes are right for me?

Take a look at the table below. This table will help you buy a suitable shoe. There is a guide at the bottom of the table.

Tips for buying the right external safety shoes

Tips for buying the right safety shoes

According to an international certificate, each safety shoe fits in one hand (left) with an abbreviation (such as SB). There are a number of letters on the right that we will explain.

A: Static anti-electricity

FO: Hydrocarbon resistant flooring

E: Energy attraction heel and sole (causes you to get tired later)

P: Anti-penetration outsole

Wru: with waterproof surface and parts

Wr: Fully waterproof shoes

According to these guidelines, for example, the best shoes are for building S3, for agriculture S1p, for laboratory work S1, S2. So you choose a standard for the activity you do from the table above and buy shoes based on it.

What is the best brand of foreign safety shoes?

Anatomy and components of safety shoes

Many foreign brands that work in the field of shoes are also active in the field of safety shoes. There are many of them. We try to introduce the best brands that are available in the Iranian market. Also, a list of these models is available at the end of the article.

Proper safety shoes in explosive environments

If you work around explosives or highly reactive and flammable materials, you need conductive shoes. Electrically conductive safety shoes help prevent static electricity from accumulating on the worker. If left untreated, static accumulation on the body can easily ignite and cause a fire or explosion. In such environments, the use of silk, wool and nylon socks is prohibited and should not be worn with these types of shoes, as these materials are most likely to produce static.

Conductor safety shoes prevent sparks by conducting electricity to the sole of the shoe

Anti-electric safety shoes

Anti-electric shoes are designed for those who work with high voltage electrical devices, circuits, power towers, wiring and so on. These shoes provide safety when people are exposed to electricity and high voltage circuits, reducing the risk of electric shock. There are different types of anti-electric safety shoes that are used depending on the work environment and the amount of potential hazards.

Anti-electric safety shoes prevent electricity from entering the human body

Lightweight safety boots

Lightweight safety boots are strong enough to protect the foot, but they are also lightweight and can accelerate natural foot movement. On the other hand, although heavy safety shoes may look stronger and more durable, in reality, this causes excessive pressure on the foot. In jobs that require high speed operation and require long hours of safety shoes on the worker's feet, these lightweight shoes are the best option.

Steel toe safety shoes

Do you work in an environment where your toes are at risk? If so, you need to use steel toe shoes in the workplace. These shoes are made of steel toe caps, made of metal or non-metallic alloy, which cover the toes of your toes and prevent them from being damaged or damaged. This warhead can withstand impact up to 200 joules. Of course, do not worry about the steel cap, the inside of the shoe is covered with a light and soft composite inside the toe, which can ensure the safety, comfort and convenience of your toes.

Steel toe safety shoes are one of the strongest shoes in the workplace


Anti-slip safety shoes

Slips and falls can occur at any time, so having anti-slip safety shoes is ideal, especially in slippery and greasy environments such as factories and restaurants, as well as for use in high-traffic conditions. Anti-slip shoes work best in wet and oily soils. These shoes have non-slip rubber insoles with high adhesion that prevent slipping if exposed to watery and oily surfaces.

Prevents slipping in the work environment by creating adhesion

Sports safety shoes

Many sports, such as mountaineering, are performed in harsh environments and require durable and safe shoes. These sneakers are carefully engineered and designed and are non-destructible. Also, these shoes are made of lightweight materials inside and outside the body, which, while being flexible, provide high protection against dangers. These sneakers are not only suitable for harsh conditions and heavy sports, but also ideal for use in harsh environments.

Contrary to popular belief that man has a heart, it is interesting to know that there is a second heart that few people pay attention to. The foot is the second heart of the body because most of the nerves in the body are in it and the cause of many pains is due to the discomfort of the foot. When you are at work, the most pressure is usually on the foot because it has to be inside the shoes for long hours. Now imagine that you have not used the right work shoes, in which case you have to wait for the painful consequences. Wearing appropriate and standard work shoes while working can have a tremendous effect and make a person feel less tired.

For this reason, due to the high importance of work shoes, we decided to talk about the important points when choosing and buying work shoes.

Work shoes

Shoe soles should be completely resistant to air temperature and water. Those who work in cold areas should wear shoes that protect their feet from the cold, otherwise the shoe owner may freeze. Safety shoes should provide arch, high flexibility, base support, heel and heel absorption.


Workers spend most of their time working and it is natural for their feet to feel comfortable in their shoes. In addition, work shoes should be designed so that they can be easily and quickly worn out and worn. Also, the laces of sneakers should not be a problem for the worker.

Resistance to falling heavy objects

It is safe to say that the most important feature of work shoes is that they protect the foot from slipping and falling of heavy objects. Workers are always at risk of falling objects and equipment from heights. Standard work shoes are divided into three categories 30, 50 and 70 based on the amount of static strength they can withstand. Steel sole with the highest resistance to falling heavy objects and its sharp type is 70. The toe part of a standard safety shoe is made of steel. Steel shoes must have a tolerance of at least 200 joules of energy.


Standard work shoes should be of high quality to extend their life. Most safety shoes are made from buffalo leather and leather because leather has high strength and longevity and wears out later.

Burn protection

Fire is something that can happen in any workplace. Standard safety shoes are so durable and high quality that they can be protected from metal burns, chemicals and severe burns.

Electricity protection

Workers working in the electricity office or in places that deal with electricity should wear work shoes that protect their toes and soles from the electric current. Prevents toe. As mentioned above, leather is very durable, but this is not the only advantage of leather safety shoes; Leather shoes can damage the electricity and prevent severe injuries to workers.