How to Buy the best work shoes for mail men?

When it comes to buying a pair of work shoes, it can sometimes be as complicated as buying a bigger thing like a bicycle. I mean, I'm not blaming you, it's going to be Patton for a long time anyway, so it's important that it suits you.

So today I thought to share with you a few tips on choosing work shoes.

Well, we start with neutral. What we are looking for here is abrasion in the center and middle of the sole of the foot, and it is actually the most biomechanically correct, because we move forward and straight. For this reason the new New Balanace MK706V2 for men, is the optimal choice.

Now we go to the excessive rotation and this can be identified by more wear of the inner edges of the shoe and if you are like this, do not worry because this is very common and often the reason is the jump into the arch of the foot and in some cases the sole of the foot. It is smooth, which eventually leads to rotation in motion.

When you run, if you see that the outer edge of the shoe is more eroded, most likely you are one of the above spinners. This is not very common and is usually due to the high arch of the foot, which means that your foot is stiff and makes you step on the outer edge of your shoe and lift.

Types of work shoes

If you did not know how to walk until now, fortunately you know now. Well, let's take a look at the different types of workshoes that are suitable for each type of spin. We start with neutral shoes, which are definitely made for workers who have shock absorbers and a certain amount of intermediate support. So, in general, it is designed for working with good and neutral movements, and if you are super-spinning, this type of work shoe does not provide you with the necessary strength and control.

Sturdy shoes for those who spin too much

The design of this type of shoe typically includes a round arch area, and to support, provide high strength, and to control the movement of the foot when it starts to spin too much, you want something that gives you good control to prevent the arch of the foot from collapsing. , Something like a movement control shoe, which is basically a stronger version of the resistance shoe and offers more support in the arch of the foot.

When you look for work shoes, the main difference you see between these two shoes is the amount of heels. Black shoes are well heeled, while other shoes have a minimum heel, and when we put them on the scales, there is a significant difference of 174 grams per pair (black> white), which makes a total of 348 grams for a pair of shoes, which is almost twice as much. It is heavier.

So when should you wear each one?

A well-heeled shoe (black) is great for absorbing impact and your daily workout. They are a bit heavier but great for preventing injury.

In contrast to Nike shoes (white) is a racing style shoe. As much as you can create air outlets for racing on your bike, you may want to use light work shoes that give you points on race days.

This does not make sense when you decide to carry an extra 174 grams per foot on a 10 km or more route.

To understand more, I use an example:

A professional worker with a height of 180 cm runs ten kilometers in 30 minutes, which is 5400 steps in the whole race. These are just a few steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation.

Suitable work shoes have 5 to 10 km much lower heels like marathon shoes.

Considering the above, we realized that the choice of shoes varies from worker to worker.

Some may want to walk 5 km with more heels than marathon shoes. While others may need less heels, such as marathon shoes. Well then finally it comes down to what works for you

Investing for health

Buying a good shoe can sometimes seem like a big investment, but make no mistake about it and don't wait for your toes to slip out of your current shoe. If you run with them for longer than their lifetime, it may limit your performance or even increase the risk of injury. Over time, the heels of the shoes disappear, which means that you absorb the shocks yourself.

How long does a work shoes last?

In general, sneakers have a capacity and life of 480 to 640 km, and the lighter the shoe, the less often this amount. So something like racing linen supports almost three seasons of triathlon. Replace them before necessary