Orthopedic shoes - who needs them and how to choose them?

Each person has unique feet and to avoid or alleviate posture problems, various pains and diseases in the foot and other organs in the body, it is important to purchase quality shoes that are perfectly suited to the problem you are suffering from. Orthopedic shoes are individually tailored to the patient and their role is to improve posture, relieve pain and prevent the formation of various orthopedic problems and diseases. A custom shoe reduces the loads of body weight on the feet and various joints at a high rate. The shoe also provides perfect support to the supporting muscles of the skeletal system and balances the center of gravity of the body.

Custom therapeutic shoe

Orthopedic shoes are therapeutic shoes that are chosen individually and are suitable for a variety of orthopedic problems. Custom therapeutic shoes are designed for women and men of all ages, children, diabetics, athletes and postoperative patients who are undergoing a rehabilitation process. Among other things, the shoes are suitable for the following problems and cases:

  • Prevention and relief of cartilage erosion in the knees, pelvis and spine
  • Relief for patients suffering from back pain
  • Relieving and preventing inflammation and problems in the heel spur
  • Achilles tendon problems
  • Relief for those suffering from symptoms of osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis)
  • Relief and support for diabetics
  • Rehabilitative physiological shoe

In fact, an orthopedic shoe is a physiologically rehabilitative shoe customized to the patient’s foot. The shoe helps patients suffering from cartilage erosion as it forces the patient to exercise muscles that support his back and it produces muscular and nerve stimulation. In addition, an orthopedic shoe shifts the center of gravity and helps strengthen the muscles that support the joints of the body and therefore prevents the continued erosion of the cartilage and contributes to pain relief.

It is worth noting that over 60% of the population over the age of 50 suffer from varying degrees of cartilage erosion in the joints, pelvis and spine. Cartilage erosion causes severe pain on a daily basis in movement and standing, so the quality of life of patients over the age of 50 decreases significantly. By choosing the right shoes and fitting insoles you can alleviate their suffering and improve their quality of life.

Designed shoes for all ages

Many in the population suffering from back pain and various orthopedic problems have so far refrained from purchasing custom shoes as the supply was scarce and many attributed to the orthopedic shoe an outdated look. Therefore, it is worth knowing that today you can purchase a wide variety of orthopedic shoes in a variety of spectacular designs, for women, men and children. The offer is large and spectacular and you can choose orthopedic sneakers in a variety of beautiful and colorful designs, men's shoes for work with an elegant and luxurious look, women's shoes designed for work, for everyday use and recreation and of course shoes for children in a young and contemporary style. By the way, it is worth knowing that women can also purchase orthopedic high heels or orthopedic sandals in a variety of sizes, shades and designs.

How to choose a suitable orthopedic shoe?

To purchase fashionable and comfortable orthopedic shoes, it is important to contact a professional and reliable orthopedic institute that specializes in fitting insoles and helps each client choose a comfortable orthopedic shoe that exactly fits the problem he suffers from and his unique needs. It is important to measure the number of shoes and only when you feel comfortable with the shoe and are satisfied with its design can you pay and enjoy a quality shoe that helps with a variety of orthopedic problems and improves the quality of life.