How to easily paint your room like a professional

Its been a long time and now you want to paint your apartment again. Its not a hard or complex work to do, anyone can do it himself, and not call a professional painter, but you have to keep the rules, work professionaly and have the proper tools.

Preparations before painting the walls of the room

Preparation is always an important key which walls of the room you are going to paint and in what color and whether you will also paint the ceiling The basic painting equipment can some borrow from friends and some buy from hardware stores. You must prepare proper shoes, taper's paint and drop cloth, and prepare a measuring tape.

What equipment should you have before starting to paint the room?

 Paint brush or roller, furniture and floor covers You can use plastic sheets left over from the Gulf War, ladder, paint, trampoline to clean paint residue and paint brush, sandpaper, material for closing holes in the wall, putty, mixing bowl.

Preparing the room for painting

Move everything you can from the room such as carpets, posters, pictures, furniture, appliances and objects that you can not move. Cover them with plastic sheets that are impermeable to dust and paint.

If you have a carpet that you can not move you will need larger sheets

 Repairing dust sheets to the edges of the floor with masking tape will help protect your flooring.

Be careful when you have in the apartment glossy floors and the ladder may slip.

Preparing the walls of the room for painting

Look for holes in the wall and repair them as needed to start rubbing with sandpaper the walls intended for painting in order to remove any paint or dust that is on the wall.

 Start using a roller

The quickest method to get a good finish is to use a roller most of which come with a base for filtering excess paint, in the corners of the room to use a small brush, keep in mind that in most walls of the room you may need to paint additional layers.

Try to finish the first coat of paint with artificial light (light bulbs light) to find out if the next day in natural light you will need another coat, do not finish the painting process until you have checked the walls of the room in daylight.

 Finally, clean your dishes, fold the plastic sheets and clean the floor of the room as needed with a trampoline to achieve a good result of cleaning the floor and using water to wash the floor of the room as needed.


Any wall can be painted in good condition without prior knowledge and give a refresh to the look of the wall in a short time