Simply an Awesome Mop! I’ve used a Swiffer for Many Years but Never Actually Liked the Job It's Done

Valley cottage, New York, (October 19, 2016) – Temples Pride, a leading provider and manufacturer of home cleaning products today received praise from a customer for their hardwood floor mop, Dredge.

“I love this mop! I've used the Swiffer brand for many years, but have never actually liked the job it's done.” Said MC in their review on for their hardwood floor mop purchased from Temples pride. “This is an exceptional mop and given that it comes with several types of pads- makes it far better than any Swiffer! My favorite feature of the entire thing is the telescoping handle. It allows me to put my little girls to work, lol, without burdening them with an oversized handle! Second best feature is the locking swivel. When you need the mop to be a straight shooter- lock it! Need it to be wiggle worm to maneuver into certain areas- unlock it! None of my other mops do this! I would recommend this microfiber mop to every household. I've even purchased one for my mother in law.”

Temples Pride continues to grow in popularity especially with such a solid product as is their Dredge mop with many positive phrases such as “best mop i have ever used” and I love this mop” being a common occurrence.

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