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4 Astounding Historical Places That You Must Visit in Mumbai

The land of mighty Mumbai treasures within itself the heritage of ancient India which is beautifully symbolized by its historical sites. Invasions, wars, defeats and memories, each and every emotion is depicted in these marvelous creations that have always recognized to be the identity of the city. In fact, when one thinks about Mumbai then these are some of those places that tend to linger in mind at once and thus they share an eternal bond with the city.

1. Gateway of India

Built during the British Raj, the Gateway of India is one of the finest monuments that stands at a height of 16 meters and was once the premier place for British governors and other key personalities. This gate happens to be the entry point to India and is loved for its proximity to the Arabian Sea and the Taj Mahal Palace. A visit to this place along with a walk near Colaba Causeway will let you complete the day one of your trip successfully.

2. Hajji Ali Dargah

The Hajji Ali Dargah is a pristine mosque that is revered by Muslim followers along with visitors from different parts of the world. This sacred site is over 400 years old and is known to the mark of exceptional indo-Islamic architecture by Saint Hajji Ali Shah Bukhari. Legend has it that before leaving to Mecca, Hajji Ali Shah went to the Dargah and gave up his materialistic needs. This place exemplifies the faith and hope that he nurtured.

This place was even a contender for the 7 Wonders of the World, where the grand Dargah stretches to about 4500 meters and is structured with marble pillars that bring out an opulent and attractive look. The imposing structure found here is similar to Makrana marble that was used in the making of Taj Mahal.

3. Rajabai Clock Tower

The existence of Rajabai Clock Tower dates to 1869 and this place is named after the man who was the only financial contributor of the tower. Its architecture is quite similar to Big Ben and showcases Gothic and Venetian styles. This 280 feet structure was brought to real by George Gilbert Scott and during that period that is was the tallest building of the city.

Even though the foundation stone of this tower was placed in 1869, the construction took over 10 years. Being here almost feels like you have captured a slice of history that is close to the heart of Mumbai!

4. Elephanta Cave

Mumbai beholds innumerable forts and caves that were built by various communities of the historic era. But, the most prominent of them all is the Elephanta group of caves that is situated on the Elephanta Island near the Mumbai Harbor. You can find two sets of caves out here, one as two Buddhist caves and the other features five Hindu Caves. These caves were formed in around 5th century and their formation still remains to be a mystery.

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