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National Doctors and Wellness Experts Take a New Approach to Health in their book "Surviving the Garden of Eatin" with Surprising Biblical Insights to Enjoy Optimal Wellness.

We’re no longer in the Garden of Eden. We’re surrounded by a garden of eatin’!

Tulsa, Okla. - When it comes to improving health and wellness, there’s one essential component that most people overlook. It’s not exercise or water—or even kale. According to two national wellness experts, faith is the most overlooked ingredient. Doctors Mark and Michele Sherwood offer a light approach to a weighty subject in their new book, Surviving the Garden of Eatin’. In this inspirational book, the doctors guide the reader through an enjoyable, eye-opening journey to build strong faith for their wellness. Their integrated and holistic approach focuses on the body, mind, emotions and spiritual well-being. 

The book is designed to help the reader discover a firm spiritual foundation for their wellness journey and reasons why previous “diets” probably failed. It also discusses how someone’s identity shapes his or her success, what the Bible really says about food and how much God cares about your health.

“The teachings in this book are solid Biblical truths which will empower you and instruct you how to consistently live a healthier and more balanced life. Too many people are too sick in our world and our disease trends continue to rise out of control. This breaks our hearts and this should not be the norm, explained Dr. Mark Sherwood, who co-wrote the book with his wife, Dr. Michele Neil-Sherwood, who added:

“This book needs to be in every person‘s hands and every word needs to be devoured. Without a doubt, if you want to be well, YOU need this book in your hands, mind, and spirit,”


This book is getting great reviews from the faith community.

Dr. Steve Riggle, President of Grace International Churches and Ministries, Founding Pastor of Grace Community Church, Houston, Texas.

“Very simply… ‘Surviving the Garden of Eatin’ is an eye-opening and encouraging message that will change your approach to health! Read and digest this book."

Pastor Matthew Barnett of The Dream Center in Los Angeles, California.

“Profound insights that will change the way you view your Creator, yourself, and your health!”


Surviving the Garden of Eatin’: Surprising Biblical Insights to Enjoy Optimal Wellness

is now on sale at Amazon.

This is the doctors’ third book after their other two Amazon bestsellers

The Quest for Wellness: A Practical and Personal Wellness Plan for Optimum Health in Your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit

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