Diesel Injury Law – A Law Firm Dedicated to Helping Victims of Diesel Exposures

Chicago, Illinois, March 20, 2017: Diesel Injury Law is pleased to announce the law firm focused on providing legal services to individuals and families who have been affected by diesel-related diseases. The Chicago-based firm serves clients nationwide. Diesel Injury Law works diligently to help victims of diesel exposures to recover all measure of damages available under the law.

Led by attorney Andrew Hughes, Diesel Injury Law serves individuals working in every industry associated with diesel exposures, including railroad employees, truck drivers, firefighters, mechanics, dock workers, miners, heavy equipment operators and others who have been sickened by the negligent handling of diesel fuel, vapors, soot and exhaust. Diesel Injury Law's clients are often exposed to other toxins, including asbestos, solvents, creosote and silica sand. All exposures will be taken into account when proving up these claims.

The firm represents clients who suffer from various cancers attributed to toxic diesel exposures, such as lung cancer, bladder cancer and kidney cancer. Clients who suffer from certain lymphomas, leukemias and multiple myeloma can also receive compensation. Lastly, Diesel Injury Law serves individuals with breathing problems associated with diesel exposures, including asthma, COPD and fibrosis.

Hughes has more than 15 years of litigation experience against the nation's top transportation and toxic tort attorneys and will strive to obtain the best results for his clients. Hughes provides personal and timely service on behalf of clients who have been victimized by companies who lined their pockets with profits while leaving their employees with a grim tab of occupational illnesses.

Clients can receive a free initial case evaluation to see if they have a well-founded case. If the client decides to hire Diesel Injury Law, they don’t have to worry about paying upfront. The firm only receives a fee once compensation is recovered for the client.

For more information about the firm and their services, visit the website at or call 1-312-877-5588.

About Diesel Injury Law: Diesel Injury Law is a Chicago, Illinois-based law firm focused on providing services to victims suffering from diesel-related diseases, including various cancers. The firm is headed by diesel attorney Andrew Hughes, who maximizes his clients recoveries against the various industries and manufacturers that caused his clients' illnesses. The firm works on a contingent-fee basis and thus is only paid after the client has received compensation.

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