Different Moon

Different Moon is ready to make ripples in the mellifluous landscape with its new EP release, Edge of Invisibility

North Carolina, Today, 9th June - 2017, music lovers have another reason to groove as the tunes from the 3rd EP release of Different Moon arrive to hold public enraptured. The EP released today June 9 is in continuation of the two Different Moon albums released earlier. The new release adds flavor to the melodious trend set by Desert Rain in 2015 and Hourglass in 2016. The genre of new album release is alternative rock.

The popularity quotient of Different Moon's alternative rock EP can be gauged from the success experienced by its earlier album releases. Three songs from the Desert Rain EP of 2015 received significant critical appreciation in the form of finalist nominations in both the 'American Songwriting Awards' and 'Hollywood International Songwriting Contest', a commendable feat indeed. In 2016, two songs from the Hourglass EP were given special mention in the 'SongDoor International Songwriting Competition'. The songwriting awards are testimony to the caliber of the songwriter, Jim Piper, who has gained mastery in the sublime genre of pop/rock.

Piper, the North Carolina songwriter of Edge of Invisibility, has announced a nationwide radio promotion for the lead single 'Under the Shadow' beginning the week of June 12. The new alternative rock music EP will leave music lovers raving about the songs of Different Moon. Songwriter Jim Piper is effusive talking about his upcoming release. Commercial radio promotion is certainly going to pique the interest of the listeners who had been eagerly awaiting this new release. The rock music scene is bound to get rocked by this sensational EP. Get on your feet and be ready to swoon on the lilting tunes of Edge of Invisibility.

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