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Crust Launches Its Truly Wireless Earbuds That Promises The Users A Never-Before Experience

Mumbai, India (Oct 31, 2019) - Crust recently launched its new collection of Truly wireless earbuds that promises the users a never-before audio experience. These earbuds produce the finest sound that ensures the best audio experience and boost the engagement of the audio with the audience. Featuring low latency and advanced connectivity features, these audio accessories have gained a massive popularity among the users, within a very short time. For sure, with these wonderful tools, users are all set to make the most fascinating and engaging audio entertainment.

The Bluetooth earbuds from Crust win the hearts of the users on the first impression with their sleek and trim design. The design ensures that users can use these earbuds comfortably for prolonged hours. The most impressive feature is that of the magnetic charging aspect. It is for this feature that users can simply drop the earbuds into the respective molded slots to initiate the charging process automatically. The design focuses on user-friendliness and as a matter fact, users can continue to use these earbuds, even when they are doing other tasks. The best part is that, it never tends to drop down from the ears, and hence, there comes no barriers in the path of audio entertainment. These earbuds can be used, even when the user is running, walking, or traveling.

These earbuds feature a gigantic battery backup that can go to the extent of 2000 mAH. Still, the charging case weighs to a reasonable extent and it would hardly take an hour’s time to gather full charge. Subsequently, users can use these aids for a span of 5 hours at a go. The most impressive feature of this tool is that of its noise cancelling property that nullifies the issues like external sounds overlapping the soundtrack. This way, these earbuds ensure continous audio entertainment for the users.

“I will certainly rate these earbuds with a perfect-ten rating. I feel, these accessories offer the best values in return for its cost, as it ensures the most superlative audio experience. These earbuds are waterproof, and hence, are safe from the chances of damages due to contact with sweat or other water borne damages. What impressed me is the strong connectivity feature that ensures fast and easy connection with any devices. The wireless design makes It all the more robust, and users can easily use these accessories, even when they are doing other tasks. This is one tool that music lovers like me must possess.

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