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5 Quick Ways To Get The Flawless Look Before A Party

We love to see how flawless our celebrities look when they attend various events and we make up our mind to have the same flawless make-up before a party. But when the time comes to actually pull off a look flawlessly, we end messing it up much to our dismay.

We are not professionals of course, but if you know some make-up hacks, you can be sure to pull off the perfect party look with confidence. So if you want heads turning in your direction through the night and get your friends asking you who got your make-up done, read on for the 10 ways you can pull off the flawless party look!


It is extremely important to have your face properly moisturised before you apply make-up or you will end up drying out your skin and end up having severe break outs. Invest in a good long-lasting moisturiser and apply a bead-sized drop evenly on your face, neck and the part of your chest that will be exposed. Remember to let the moisturiser dry before you proceed with your make-up.


This is the little secret for keeping your make-up intact through the time you are going to party. It is an absorbent that locks your foundation. Choose your primer based on your skin tone for instance, if you have reddish skin, use a greenish primer to reduce the redness.


It is a myth that you need a lot of foundation to cover your spots and flaws on your face. You only need a pea-sized drop of foundation for your entire face and neck. Get a reflective foundation to add a glow to your face. Evenly apply it on your face, neck and shoulders and even your lips with the help of a broad make-up brush or a sponge. Choose a shade that is closest to your skin tone.


This is a tricky part. All you need to know it how you spread it on your face and the areas that need it. Choose a concealer that is a tad bit lighter to your skin.


If you want to look dramatic and fabulous in your party, you need to master some tricks to wear the right eye make-up. You can go smoky or glittery with your eyes but make sure you complement the look with your outfit. Do not overdo a shocking colour to look like a la Nicki Minaj unless you want to of course.