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An Upbringing In the Deals and Cashbacks Market - DealsShutter Story

There have been a lot of recent reports that has been going around regarding how good the growth rate is in the coupons/deals websites marketplace.

It has been growing at a staggering rate of 12.5% and is parallel to the growth shown by the e-commerce market place in India.

With increasing competition among e-commerce websites and also an increase in awareness on taking your business online has helped coupons and deals market to grow.

Here, we would be talking about a venture that is into the coupons and deals market place since a year.

It has not only tied up with majority of the e-commerce sites in India but also hyper local and small retail stores to offer its customers with access to deals on every option available.

DealsShutter is a company that launched its operations in 2015. It has not only helped its customers with variety of deals options on different products/same products across competitors, it is also to be said adding up 10 businesses every month to its portal to grow in other parts of India.

Going offline has helped DealsShutter with its major chunk of revenue and this will also help the level of competition that has been already doing the rounds.

That's how big the market place is and is only growing.