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How to Create Impactful PowerPoint Presentations?

An impactful PowerPoint presentation can make all the difference between keeping your audience hooked on to you, or your ideas getting lost.

Often, creators get carried away by the features of the software, and end up doing more than necessary to captivate their audience.

Here are some useful tips to make your presentations more impactful. With the use of these tips, your presentations can be as impactful as professional presentations specialists.

Set the structure or layout of your ppt in the beginning

To have a consistent look and feel in your presentation, you have to choose a layout in the beginning through slide master. 

To know the right layout based on the subject, watch tutorials on Youtube. There are also websites offering numerous templates. You can choose one among them for inspiration before starting on the actual content.

Visually creative slides are a part of an impactful presentation.

Keep the fonts and colors consistent

The colors and fonts chosen in the slide master should be consistent and clear to read.

Use different types of fonts and bold them at the right places.

For instance, do not use big fonts on the copy of the body and the slide heading. You can use the divider slides and statement slides. Also, when you are using multiple colors, use colors that compliment each other. You can use for this. 

One useful trick you can use while your ppt has a company’s logo is to use one of its colors for the slide heading or bullet points.

Do not add too much text on the slides

Adding a lot of text will make the pages appear cluttered. Summarize your info and leave room for inserting images, charts, and diagrams. Try to keep the text box in the middle left position, so that you can insert images on the right.

Use minimum number of complex charts and diagrams

Use an infographic or image to describe a point rather than adding a complex chart or a diagram.

Bar charts and Pie charts can be translated into infographics to create more interest. For instance, a bar chart depicting the growth of 70% in 2018 can be translated into a simple bullet point statement with an upward arrow at the end.

If a diagram or chart is necessary, pick from the ‘Smart Art’ collection and choose the right colors for it to keep the overall theme consistent

Use High-quality images

Images may be compressed for some other application such as file transfer. But for creating impactful presentations, you need to add good quality images.

For instance, if you are adding a company’s logo in the presentation, check for resolution.

Use Non watermarked images

Copying images from Google can be copyright infringement and can land you in trouble. There are a lot of websites like pixabay that allow you to download images for free without copyright infringement.

Make use of Transition Fade

Transition fade prevents an abrupt or sudden change of the sides when moving to the next slide. It gives a more professional and classy look. You can set this effect in the slide sorter. To do this, select all the slides by pressing Ctrl-A, go to transitions and choose ‘fade’.

Keep the use of builds minimal and do not use clip art

Unless necessary, limit the use of builds in your slides. Make sure the builds do not appear quickly. This can be achieved by changing the build settings. Select ‘timing’ and change it to medium from very fast or fast in the ‘animation panel’. Clip arts are old fashioned, you can represent the same with the help of infographics or iconography.

Keep the overall content to the point

Before you start, you have to know what topics you will include in the PowerPoint presentation. If the ppt is very long, divide it and use divider slides to differentiate the sections. At the end, add a final slide to display ‘end’, ‘any questions’, or ‘thank you’. Some believe that adding ‘thank you’ is unnecessary and instead show a summary of what was discussed. 


Presentation with the use of visuals create a lasting impact. Using the tips listed above, it is possible to make your next meeting more interesting.