Don’t Make This Mistake When Choosing an Employee Performance Evaluation Method

There are a variety of methods available to evaluate employee for performance. Each of them have their advantages and drawbacks. A company’s leadership must choose which employee evaluation method is right for the business’ individual needs. Unfortunately, many companies make a critical mistake when selecting a way to assess employee performance.

Read on to learn what this mistake is and how to avoid it.

The Biggest Mistake in Choosing an Employee Evaluation Method

Go online and search for the term “choosing an employee evaluation method.” It will produce thousands and thousands of results.

So much information is overwhelming. It can be easier simply to say, “Well, we’ll just go with this method, because it’s popular/simpler/cheaper to implement.”

Perhaps you did your research, and you settled on a way of evaluating your employees. However, you didn’t do your homework about what that particular method entails – maybe you need to develop a set of survey questions, or perhaps you didn’t set metrics to determine whether someone is performing well or poorly.

The biggest mistake you can make when choosing an employee evaluation method is not doing enough research and planning to ensure that the review gives you the information you need.

Why Is This a Mistake?

When you don’t carry out thorough research and plan to implement an employee assessment, you will not get the results you want.

For a start, developing a set of metrics to determine performance is critical. How will you know if someone is fulfilling the duties of his or her job without these metrics?

Here’s more food for thought. Let’s say an employee was hired to perform a specific set of tasks. Over time, those assignments might have changed for any number of reasons (new technologies, shifting market demands, new organizational goals, etc.). You won’t know that if you don’t understand what indicators to look for.

A lack of research and planning for the employee performance review means that you probably also aren’t keeping track of an employee’s achievements over the course of a year. You won’t have any basis to compare how he or she is doing this month, this quarter or this year as compared to other time periods, which makes evaluations rather useless.

Choosing the Right Employee Evaluation Method

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