The Ultimate Personal Safety Gear and Tips for Travelers

You have heard it often, that safety comes first. Though there are numerous beautiful and exciting places to explore, but the truth is, this world is unpredictable where anything can happen at any time. We do not intend to scare you from traveling, but always make sure to be well prepared for the worst. To help you with your thrilling journey, we have a list of personal safety gear and tips for you. 

Personal Safety and Self-defense Gear


You can find a number of lightweight, compact and water-resistant backpacks on the market to keep your gear protected. Some backpacks also have anti-theft features if you choose to buy one. No matter where you go, you can always be sure about the safety of your traveling essentials and valuables. 

Traveling scarf

A perfect traveling scarf can hold your smartphone, money, and keys. You can simply slip them into the secret pocket, zip it off and you are ready to go. Your valuables will be completely secured under your nose. You can find these scarfs in a wide range of colors and fabrics from lightweight materials to warm stuff. 

Safety whistle

Safety whistles are tiny and lightweight but it sure carries an audible punch when your vocal chords seem to be ineffective. These whistles can immediately reach people around you to help you in any emergency situation. 

Mini LED flashlight/Solar-powered gadgets

Rolling blackouts is a common thing especially in adventurous places whether you like it or not. For that reason, keeping a LED flashlight with you will significantly help in traveling in those dark spaces or help you in evening hunting, if you are fond of this big game. You can also bring solar-powered gadgets, which can provide up to 12 hours of light. These are compact, inflatable and can easily get you through an entire night on a single charge. If you want an additional safety along with the light, you can take a look at Military 9.8 Million Volt Night Flashlight Stun Gun. 


Compass is one of the most essential travel necessity, which provide you with directions and help you get back home safely. Make sure to install GPS in your smartphone or any other offline map to assist you in your journey. 

Money Belt

Money belts are an excellent way to keep your cash and cards very secured when you are out. If you do not prefer under-the-clothes storage, then a money belt is the perfect alternative. It looks quite similar to a typical belt but it features a hidden and zippered compartment where you stash your important documents, cards and much more. It has an adjustable and slim buckle made of plastic to keep your things extra secure. 

Tips for Travelling 

Learn the language

If you are planning to stay longer at your travel destination, then we will recommend you to learn the language of the certain region. It does not only enrich the travel experience but also prevents you in running into any problem. 

Be informed about your destination

If you are traveling to big cities and daring locations, you should know which places are safe and which are not. If you are staying in a hotel, then you can ask the reception as these people know a lot about the areas around. On the other hand, if you are planning to set your camp, be sure about the location and ask the locals for confirmation. 

Travel insurance

If you are planning to travel abroad, then we would recommend you to get a travel insurance. It will ensure emergency medical and evacuation help and 24/7 support wherever you need. 

Keep an eye on your belongings

When you are transporting your luggage from one destination to another, make sure to keep a check on all your stuff. Also, when traveling with a backpack, you can use a rain cover to protect yourself from getting pickpocketed. 

Don't show your valuables around

Walking with an expensive DSLR around your neck could become a problem in certain places particularly when you think about the fact that the value of your camera could be twice of the local monthly income. Make sure to put your valuables such as expensive technical devices in a daypack and only use it when required. 

Be careful at your Hostel/Hotel

Crime doesn’t stop even when leaving the outdoors. Things can be stolen at hotels and even at the campsite. Using a locker or a safe is important if you have any valuables with you. If you are sleeping in a dorm, you may want to charge your camera or smartphone. We suggest you to use power banks for this purpose. You can charge these devices while keeping them with you. 

Don't become careless

It doesn’t really matter for how long you are already at your destination. If you act carelessly at any point, you will possibly get into trouble. Always be careful and have a look around. 

Have a list with emergency numbers

In case of an emergency, you should have an immediate access to the numbers to call. For instance, make a list of contacts including your family, doctor or bank. You may use your Skype account as it’s economical and you only need Wi-Fi to call. 

Get in touch with locals

Locals know the city well. Getting in touch with locals is a great way to get familiarize with the city. They will be happy to tell you about the places you intend to visit. 

Sometimes other travelers are dangerous

At times, your fellow travelers can get you in trouble with their behavior. If you are planning to travel with someone, make sure to follow the same travel philosophy in terms of safety. If you run into trouble, try to talk to your friends and tell them about the situation. If they keep acting in the same way, it’s a better idea to split up before you get into more trouble. 

Trust your instincts

Sometimes you may have a doubtful feeling when booking a tour, taking a bus ride or making a decision for the next travel destination. If you are feeling something wrong, it may be wrong so trust your instincts. 

Avoid being totally drunk

When you are in a foreign country or at an exploratory location, excessive drinking can lead to problems. Don’t drink too much or else you can become an easy target for criminals. 

Take care of your drink

If you are partying, always keep a check on your drink and place it close to you. It happens in many places when people put drugs in drinks of others. 

Take a taxi after clubbing

At times, plans don’t work and you may be left behind. In this situation, always look for a safer option and take a radio taxi to get back and join your friends or family. 

Don't play the hero

If you run into a situation where you get mugged, act wisely if you don’t have any self-defense equipment with you. Resistance can often lead to more violence so it’s a better idea to give away your smartphone than your health. 

Use a wallet to pay

If you pay on the street or markets, you should use a normal wallet which you carry around and it must have the money needed for the day. So if you get mugged, you can have this little money to give the muggers and save your life. 

Enjoy the nightlife in a group

When it’s dark, it also gets more dangerous in many places. Enjoying the night out is a good idea but do go out as a group so you can take care of each other. 


This article is all about giving important advice and tips to ensure you travel safely with feeling more comfortable since you know how to act in various situations. There are no good and bad countries, crime happens all over the world. All you need is a few simple tips which can truly enhance your safety and make your travel experience much more stress-free and enjoyable.