Tips about Pantyhose

Many women are only familiar with the models that are offered in this country. Often they still don't know what the whole variety has to offer. For them it is important that they have found a variation that suits their own ideas and size. However, it is still worth taking a look at the selection that is offered on the market in other countries. A highlight is on the Japanese market, where tights with toes are available. A neat look is created by the integrated nail polish. This model is ideal for those who invest little or no time in pedicure, among others. The main part is made up of the classics, which is unbeatable the pantyhose. Here nothing is to be renounced and it can be adapted to every outfit worth thinking about. Whether black, skin-coloured or another colour, in transparent or opaque, the models are attractive for everyone. Due to developments and changes in society, it is no longer unthinkable that men will also dress with pantyhose. Here transparent models are preferred. A man's decision to wear this type of legwear is usually made when there are problems, such as venous disorders, in order to provide support for the connective tissue.

Help with running stitches on sheer pantyhose

Especially with very thin pantyhose it is the case that they cannot be repaired in a running stitch. In order not to lose their attractive appearance, they are usually taken off immediately after damage. To prevent this, it is advisable to prevent situations of this kind. Individual manufacturers are offering more and more models that have a special weave from the ground up, the so-called stitch stop function. However, the formation of running stitches can also be prevented with conventional models. With a simple trick that can be implemented in any household, the elasticity of the fibres can be increased. To do this, the tights are immersed in water. This can be done for a shorter or longer period of time, after which the textile is carefully wrung out, packed in a plastic bag and frozen closed. After several hours, ideally the next day, take them out of the freezer again and let them dry after defrosting. In order to be able to act in case of an emergency, you should also know how to inhibit the formation of running stitches. If damage occurs, the affected area should be treated with hairspray or nail polish as soon as possible. These substances make the fibres stick together. Thus it can at least survive the current day. Further dressing is still not possible.

Conscious choice of material

Each manufacturer and especially special variants consciously decide on a different material composition. As a rule, tights are made of polyamide, polypropylene and elastane. Polyamide is nylon. Elasthane is also known under different names. These include Lycra, which is also a well-known brand name in the production of artificial fibres. All types of man-made fibres are processed into a very thin yarn, which enables the production of thin and light products. For thick and knitted leg textiles, however, natural fibres are used, especially cotton. To maintain elasticity, a proportion of elastane is also added to the natural fibres in these tights. The third material variant is microfibre. This legwear is the softest of them all and therefore very popular not only with sensitive skin. As there is not one long, but many short sections of yarn, microfibre is more susceptible to running stitches if there is already a small amount of damage. With all materials, attention should be paid to the thickness, which can be made dependent on the outfit, occasion, preferences and the season. The information is given in DEN, which means denier in full and indicates the thickness of the material. While models up to 40 DEN are classified as transparent, textiles over 60 DEN are considered opaque.

Colours and models for every occasion

With the wide choice offered to customers in this area, the agony of choice is often audible. In order to narrow down the choice, attention should be paid to the possibilities and yet one's own ideas and needs should be put in the foreground. In this way, the agony of choice can be reduced step by step, as fewer models are drawn into the narrow circle. Those who already have or have had several tights know what is important and can make a decision more quickly. It is not only the thickness that affects the transparency, but above all the design and colour of the desired model. So single-coloured and classic variants can also be attractive, like patterns that are worked into the fine fabric. Whether a line from top to bottom, floral patterns or a net, all wishes can be fulfilled. While such models are usually in dark colours, monochrome tights are also available in bright colours. The composition of the outfit is solely in the hands of the wearer and therefore the decision is also made here. The care can be a further criterion, as well as the additional functions. A supporting effect is becoming more and more attractive due to the increasing number of venous disorders. It is easily possible to combine health with an attractive appearance.

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