Premier Event Production Solutions at Kick’n Entertainment

Any party or celebration will never be complete without the best beats, stunning decorations, and complete entertainment packages. Good music will surely get everyone moving and grooving on the dance floor, amazing designs will make your guests really feel the celebration, and entertainment will make the event a truly memorable one. If you are in need of an expert DJ in Fargo, ND, along with event production solutions, then this company is the very one for you — Kick’n Entertainment.

Kick’n Entertainment has been in the business since 2000 and with this feat, you can rest assured that this company undeniably has what it takes to make your event a blast. Whatever event you may host — weddings, school dances, birthdays, reunions, and more — Kick’n Entertainment always got you covered. This company houses not only one DJ in Fargo, ND, but numerous expert disk jockeys. They will work with you closely to know all your needs and requests. They will listen well and they will deliver.

Providing the best music is not only the sole service that Kick’n Entertainment is capable of. To truly be a one-stop entertainment company, they also provide event production solutions so that you will have everything you need in one place. You see, Kick’n Entertainment is not only focused on providing the finest services, but is also dedicated in making your event planning easier. Here’s a quick list of what they offer:

• Screens and Projectors

Have any commemorative videos or slideshows? Kick’n Entertainment can provide you with high quality screens and projectors that can show any media that you have crisp and spot on. They have 8 ft x 12 ft and 12 ft x 15 ft screens for you to choose from. Whether you have a small or big crowd, rest assured that each guest will witness what presentation you have in store.

• Monograms

If you want to add a more personal and elegant touch to your event, monograms will definitely do the job for you. This company makes a small custom-made metal or glass plate that “Goes Between Optics” in a spotlight projector. This plate may contain names, initials, logo, or a message that can then be projected onto the dancefloor or any other area that you may prefer. This way, you will be able to make your event stand out from others and indeed show off your own flair as well.

• Cloud Effect

Want to have that impression of dancing on the clouds? Then Kick’n Entertainment can transform your dancefloor as if you are in a fairytale. The clouds will only rise up to 12 inches from the floor, giving off a stunning effect and making anyone on the dancefloor the center of attention. This, in fact, will give that wow factor that will get your guests scrambling to get their camera and capture that amazing moment right on!

• Light Show

To make the entire event fun and lively, why not add some spectacular light shows? Led lights, moving heads, special effect lights, sparkling lasers, and more can absolutely make your event even more appealing.

• Fog or Haze Machines

Light shows are best paired with for or haze machines. This will definitely make your event pop by accentuating the special smoke effect with the colorful lights.

• Photo Booth

It is always nice to have some souvenirs from your event. Set up a photo booth in one corner and have as much photos as you and your guests please. Events don’t really happen much so if there is one, then better make the most out of it and have a token to remember it.

• Karaoke

Have a good sing along with your very own karaoke! Take your party to the next level and choose from over 14, 500 songs to sing your heart out. Know that the best singers come out in parties!

So if you need a DJ in Fargo or even production solutions, never hesitate to contact Kick’n Entertainment at 218-207-8109 or email them at You can always reach out to them to direct your inquiries and concerns. You can also contact them by sending a contact from through their website’s contact page at Choose this company and you will be choosing the very best for your event as well. Call them now!