Dental Laboratory Associates Introduces GuidedSMILE

Dental Laboratory Associates is pleased to announce they are introducing a new product, the GuidedSMILE. This new treatment option can provide a whole mouth reconstruction in as little as an hour and a half.

When patients experience a problem that requires full mouth reconstruction, they may think they are facing weeks or months worth of treatments. With the use of GuidedSMILE, the professionals at Dental Laboratory Associates will take 2D pictures of the patient’s dental structure and create 3D models that will be used in the reconstruction process. After receiving the 2D images taken at the dental office, their professional team will provide the dentist and the patient with three treatment plans in just 30 minutes so they can begin determining the best course of action as quickly as possible.

Dental Laboratory Associates is the first dental laboratory of its kind in Canada and currently the only one that has the training and expertise necessary to use the latest cutting edge technology. They offer pre surgical diagnostics and chairside assistance throughout the entire treatment process, helping to ensure the best possible care throughout the treatment.

Anyone interested in learning about this new GuidedSMILE treatment planning can find out more by visiting the Dental Laboratory Associates website or by calling 1-905-763-0055,

About Dental Laboratory Associates: Dental Laboratory Associates is a full-service dental lab that offers all the latest in technology to provide the highest level of dental care. They can help dental offices give their patients the quality treatments they need for the most successful treatment options. The lab also offers chairside assistance to ensure every treatment goes as planned.

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