All locksmiths in Dallas, Texas are governed by The Private Security Act, which is fully administered by The Public safety Bureau (PSB).

Starting a new locksmith company may seem as easy as pie. However, the process is more tedious than doing a Christmas shopping for a whole clan. If you are in Dallas, and you need a new locksmith company up and running, you need to know all the requirements that you, and your employees must fulfil in order to get a license that will legalize your business practice.

The following are the requirements, as outlined in 24 Hour Locksmith Pros’ Guide “What To Look For In A Great Local Emergency Locksmith Service”.

Must be at least 18 years of Age

With child labor becoming prominent in Dallas, the state has taken stringent measures to ensure the practice ends especially in business premises. This is the reason why any person willing to start a locksmith company must meet the age limit of 18 years, and employ people who have attained the stated age limit, for it to be licensed.

Must be mentally competent

Can you imagine Dallas getting locksmith services from a company with insane technicians? Is it really safe? The answer is obvious, it is dangerous and should not be entertained. The Department of Public Safety requires any company that needs licensing to have employees and managers who are in their normal mental state in order to ensure quality and professional services to their clients.

Must not have been convicted with any felony

Dallas, Texas cannot entrust its security to people who have in the past been convicted of various malpractices in a court of law. All employees and managers in a locksmith company that requires licensing must undergo a background check for any criminal records, and a license will only be issued if none of them has ever been found on the wrong side of the law.

Must not have been dishonorably discharged from any US armed forces

If you have ever been discharged dishonorably from US armed forces, you are undoubtedly a threat to public safety hence you should not be licensed to carry out locksmith services.

Must not be drug depending

PSB cannot risk entrusting people who depend on drugs for survival to carry out locksmith services whether in automobiles, residential, and/or commercial premises. This is the reason why it demands a medical report of all the managers and employees that will show none of them is drug or alcohol dependent hence attaining a company license.

Steps you must complete in order to become a licensed locksmith in Dallas, Texas;

Step 1: Complete the PSB-01 Form

For you to run a new locksmith company, you will need a Private Security Business License, which is basically applied in this step. All that is required of you is to fill the PSB-01 form and pay a one-time fee of $412.

Step 2: Complete the PSB-04A Form

For the state to register your company, you must present the list of managers and other senior officers to PSB by filling the above form.

All managers in this step will be required to complete and submit the following;

A bachelor’s Degree in criminal justice, or 3 years’ experience in the field

Certification of successful completion of Qualified Managers Exam

2 classifiable fingerprint cards and a fee of $55 for any owner of the business.

If all you wanted is to start a locksmith company in Dallas, Texas, and give service to humanity, the above are the entire licensing requirement that will aid your quest.