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Paramalingam Lingathas - A General Practitioner in Sydney

Dr. Paramalingam Lingathas is a general practitioner based in Sydney. He specializes in diagnosing illness, and providing comprehensive medical care. He is a dedicated professional who has worked very hard to achieve the position he is at today. He works in local hospital, and has a series of responsibilities, and some of these include:

- Diagnosing, investigating, and treatment of patients with different diseases.

- Promoting health education among the patients and their families.

- Discussing the development of new pharmaceutical products with pharmaceutical representatives.

- Organizing preventative medical programs to avoid illness among the individuals.

- Maintaining a portfolio of continuing professional development (CPD) activities.

- Managing resources to handle targets as effectively as possible, for example, using the NHS e-Referral Service.

Dr. Paramalingam Lingathas completed his education in the United States of America. After completing his studies, he started working in a Florida based hospital where he performed various duties. He worked with a wide range of professional doctors, and increased his knowledge and experience in diverse areas of the healthcare. He was involved in both administrative and business activities including managing contracts, hiring professionals, etc.

Dr. Paramalingam Lingathas was born in Sydney. Both his parents were medical professionals who wanted him to establish a successful career in the medical industry. To make his parents dream come true, he shifted to the US after completing his secondary education. He was enrolled in a medical science program at a leading North Carolina based university. Along with studies, he also participated in a wide range of sports activities. He played varsity football, and his team won several titles under his captaincy.

In 1988, Dr. Paramalingam Lingathas returned to Sydney, and started working at a leading hospital. He also contributes towards the community development, and supports various charitable causes. He and his colleagues run a community program, which is aimed at improving the public health by providing them with free medication and healthcare services. The program covers some parts of Sydney. Dr. Paramalingam and his team is thinking of expanding this program all over Sydney and then Australia.