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Growth Hacking for Ecommerce: Tactics You Can Try Next Month

Those who invested a lot of time and energy in marketing and promotion knows for sure that not all the tools have the same effects and sometimes it is hard to understand why strategy that was so successful in the past is not working in present. The concept of growth hacking is one of the possible solutions to this well-known problem. The point of growth hacking is that everything you do, every tool you use and every strategy you implement should provide driving growth. Sounds easy, but needs resources and energy to practice this approach every day. Let’s look at some growth hacking tactics that you can try right now or (to be realistic) next months.

The Thank You Card

We live in times of total automation so now wonder that hand-made and handwritten things impress us very much. That’s the reason why sending your new customers handwritten thank you notes is a great idea. It helps you to show respect to your new clients and make your communication more personal and probably make them loyal to you and your business. You don’t have to spend time on this yourself - hire interns to write the cards or even use special services. The main point is that this small gesture works and your customers will definitely be impressed.

The Exit Intent Pop-Up

Many merchants are trying really hard to draw customers attention and make them spend more time looking through the items. But still many clients are leaving without adding anything to the shopping cart. To fix this situation it might be helpful to use the exit intent pop-up that the customer would see every time he or she is leaving your store. the message can be funny or a little sad, even simple “Please, don’t go” may have a very serious effect. Try it see how many purchases will be made by clients who were ready to leave just a minute ago.

The Personalized Homepage

The idea of this tool is simple, but the technical part can require some additional efforts. The point is that the customer who returns to your store see a personalized homepage (for example with items he looked through last time or recommended items based of what he bought on his or her previous visit). For many customers who value personal approach that would be a serious reason to return to your store and buy more frequently.

The Social Proof Statement

We all trust other people more the we trust advertisements and that’s the main reason why social proof statements work so well. Try adding customers reviews, testimonials and number of people who bought a certain item and you will see how much impact in has on your clients and you sales.

The Urgency Statement

Urgency statement is a great way to help hurry up your customer while he or she is making a decision. You can provide them on information about the number of items you still have, some sales that are still available or any special deal like free shipping or a gift card that comes with the purchase.

The Trust Symbols

Internet security is a serious issue and you would be surprised on how many people actually consider it as a priority during an internet shopping. And although that might sound too simple, but putting trust symbols on your page might influence some customers decision and makes others feel more secure on your web-site. So if you are looking for an easy way to make your website look more reliable trust symbols might be a great solution for you and your business.