Proper Usage of Your Spill Kit

As the spring months begin to warm up many of Australia’s industrial parks and workplaces, and the rainy season begins to descend on the Far North, it’s a good time to ensure that we are well stocked and ready to cover our environmental obligations should a spill occur. A poorly-managed spill of fuel, oil, grease, or many other elements can do more than damage sensitive ecosystems – it can cost you a solid chunk of change in fines from the state and federal government.

It pays, then, to invest in a proper spill kit, to ensure that any possible spills can be taken care of. But beyond that, you and your staff must be well-versed on its operation. Investing in a spill kit is the first step, but the training exercise of ensuring that everyone at the firm can deploy it on a moment’s notice is the next step.

When a spill occurs, timing is of the essence. Toxic liquids will quickly run downhill, finding drainage sources, and widening the potential cleanup area. If they find their way out of the building in to a ditch or sewer, the cleanup gets considerably bigger, and possibly out of your control. Having a spill kit, and a trained-up crew on hand to ensure that it can be put to use immediately, is key to taking care of our environment.

Several spill kit firms, such as the all-Australian Ecospill, have taken preparedness to a whole new level. They have begun to offer spill training courses, from the most basic to a high level of expertise, to their clients and interested parties. These courses not only train up their students in the use of a spill kit – they go in to the theory underlying proper spill cleanup, and offer best-practice methodologies on the management of toxic substance spills.

Keeping Australia pristine is a team effort, and we require a cross-sector improvement in our industry practices to ensure that this happens.


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