Getting the very best from Online Education: For Tutors and Students

Since the invention of the internet, the technological advancement carried out by the human race has been monumental. It is believed that humankind has made more scientific progress in the years since the internet was invented, than the thousands of years before it, which is an absolutely staggering stat. And one of the biggest benefits of the World Wide Web in connection with academics is the ability to study online from your home, from an institute far away in some other country. Tons of people are making use of this new facility to further their career and improve their resume, but this is a two-way street. Just like you need two hands to clap, similarly, you need both the teachers and the students to work hard, so that they can formulate a successful online course. Here are some tips that would help both, the teachers and the students, in conducting these online courses in a far more successful manner.



Technology isn’t your enemy, it’s your friend, use it to your benefit. Many online tutors understand this particular situation are successfully delivering quality online courses, but those who are afraid of technology and are timid in using it for their own good, are lagging behind. For instance, a few students are facing some issues with their homework, so they try contacting their English tutors online. The teacher can now arrange a video chat with its pupil, and everything will work out just fine.


Let’s face it, this one is pretty obvious. As a teacher, you have to be clear and concise with what you say and promise. What does that mean? It means, the students who have just enrolled in your course, have done so because they liked what you claimed to offer in the overview of your course. And if you don’t really deliver on your words, they sure wouldn’t like it, would they? Also, be clear with the “requirements” and “expectations” of the course.


Building an online forum is just like arranging a virtual classroom for your students. How? In a classroom, when teachers teach their students, there are times when students don’t really completely grasp the concept. In such situation, they talk amongst themselves to figure things out. This is exactly the purpose of an online forum. It’s where all the students gather, talk about the course, about what they feel, about what they want to do regarding it, and so on.



It probably goes without saying, but before you decide to enroll in an online course, always read the entire course description, including the outlines, the requirements, and the expectations, thoroughly and carefully. It is extremely important to know that the course you are enrolling for, is the one that you really want to.


One of the biggest potential drawbacks of studying online is the fact that students don’t really consider it an obligation to work on their assignments or turn them in on time. Obviously, it is not true with all the courses, but there are some courses that can be taught online but have no mechanism for ever identifying if the student even worked on the assignment or not. For instance, video tutorials available on YouTube or Udemy.


It is only you, as a student, who can decide your own long-term goals. And as far as distance learning is concerned, it is of paramount importance that you review and assess your long-term plans before you decide to enroll for the course.