Eli Bebout for Wyoming Senate

"Eli has the leadership, knowledge and problem-solving ability to stabilize the economy..."

"Eli has the leadership, knowledge and problem-solving ability to stabilize the economy..."

"... and create jobs for Fremont County and Wyoming. I've worked with and watched legislators for years, and there is none better than Eli. It is a critical time for voters to return him to the Wyoming Senate." - U.S. Senator Enzi

Throughout the years, I (Eli Bebout) have learned a great deal about Wyoming's unique economy and the important issues that the legislature faces each year. I am passionate about the success of our great state and the Fremont County community. 

To help maintain a healthy economy in Wyoming I plan to ensure our state has a fiscally conservative, common-sense, and balanced budget. 

With deep, local roots in our community and Wyoming, I seek to enhance multiple use and sustained yield of federal lands and to maintain 100 years of history on established Wind River Indian Reservation boundaries. To do this, I plan to work with Wyoming's Republican Congressional delegation and Republican Wyoming Governor to reduce federal encroachment on state lands and local businesses.

Another priority of mine is to create job opportunities in manufacturing, technology, small business, energy, tourism, recreation, mining, ranching and agriculture. To do this, I plan to work with the private sector, state legislature, Wyoming Business Council and cities, towns and counties.

While Wyoming's important issues are many, my main issues are; creating job opportunities, to ensure our state has a fiscally conservative and balanced budget, to keep the federal government from limiting our public land access due to over-regulation, totally opposed to the privatization or sale of any public lands.

Eli who served with three former Senate Presidents

Throughout the last 24 years of my life, I have gained knowledge, experience and understanding of the various issues that Wyoming faces. I use this knowledge to not only help me make wise decisions but to also help us find unique, viable solutions to some of our biggest issues. 

As a Republican State Senator Representing the voters of Senate District 26 below are some of the accomplishments I have made over the years in my attempt to better our community and state:

✓ Sponsored a Budget Amendment to help Central Wyoming College obtain state matching grants for its Health & Science Center and Intertribal Center;

✓Supported legislation to obtain funding for Fremont County’s Justice Center;

✓Sponsored and passed legislation to help Fremont County Firefighters obtain state retirement and other benefits;

✓Supported K-12 school construction funding and helped CWC obtain matching endowment grants;

✓Sponsored “Right to Farm” bill;

✓Sponsored a bill to fight federal over-reach and support state’s rights;

✓ As Co-Chair of the Appropriations Committee supported less government and increased savings.

✔  I support the US and Wyoming State Constitutions specifically the 2nd and 10th amendments to the US Constitution.

I hope that my constituents will trust in the work that I have done and will do in the future. I encourage everyone to vote on November 8th – and thank you for your past loyalty and support.

Senator Eli D. Bebout, Senate District #26,

Senate Majority Floor Leader

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