Understand the various types of visa for Vietnam country

Understand the various types of visa for Vietnam country

In the earlier days, most of the citizens of other countries don’t know about the Vietnam country even they are lots attractions available. In that time, the tourism section of this country was only lower with the improper involvements even from the same country to develop the travel needs of the different customers from the varied parts of the world. But now, Vietnam has become one of the most popular tourist places in the world because of its stunning places and impressive attractions. The citizens of any country can go to the online platform and book visa Vietnam easily and quickly through the internet.

Applying Vietnam visa online:

Applying Vietnam visa is now highly possible over the internet by visiting the leading visa service and visa processing service platforms. From among the various options of visa service providers, Green Visa is an ideal choice for all the travelers who are all in need of getting visa for Vietnam either for your holidays, personal needs or the business travel. Some of the people have the common thought that Vietnam visa processing is somewhat difficult in the various situations.

But it is completely a wrong thought and you can definitely make getting visa ass an easier process through this platform. It is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help all kinds of travelers who are all willing to get the various options of visa. When you are considering the different options of visa, Vietnam on arrival visa (VOA) is the most popular choice selected by several numbers of the Vietnam travelers.

About Visa on Arrival option:

When the travelers are choosing the Visa on Arrival (Visa On Arrival) option of visa, you should need to satisfy the following requirements.

 The basic requirement necessary for VOA (Visa on Arrival) will be that you should have at least 6 months or more validity period in the passport along with two empty pages. This kind of visa on arrival option is generally known as the immediate visa for your sudden trips to Vietnam. When you don’t have empty pages in the passport, you can as well as able to get the loose-leaf visa for the immigration.

 Similarly, you have to prepare two standard size photos which are taken within 6 months from the date of your visa application submission.

Like this visa on arrival option of visa, there is also another one type of visa option called Vietnam transit visa given by the platform. Most of the popular country’s citizens such as Canada, UK and US don’t need to have a visa to visit Vietnam if you are going there for the transiting purposes. In this way, it is the well known fact that the Vietnam country is the best country which will not require transit visa from the travelers at any situation. The visas are not required for the passengers in the transit until they leave the transit area of the Vietnam international airport.