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The Real-time News Stream: A Lively Website, Connected Followers 

PART 2: Integration

Part of PR's hesitancy to "get with the times" comes from assumptions we make based on countless blog posts, conference seminars and advice from non-PR types over the years. For example, it's "all about your website" is just hyperbole. People don't visit websites regularly to check your content. In fact, they very rarely do. For example, Conde Naste, publisher of Vogue, Wired and other leading publications, reports that less than 4% of their traffic comes to their desktop homepages. So why are you still listening to consultants and other conspiracy theorists who think SEO is the endgame?  

If we can step out of the box for a minute and think about how we consume content it wouldn't take long to see that what we're doing in PR is well, outdated to put it nicely.

Content needs to be free-flowing, bite-sized and not tethered to our stale website news pages via a text-based RSS feed like this one. We shouldn't have to log into another old school CMS system every time we need to update our influencers.

That's why we created the Embeddable News Stream so that you can easily stream your news and updates to your websites, but also as email notifications to your followers and as posts on your social networks and other brand channels.

Simply drop the embed code into your CMS and watch it take shape instantly. 

Here are a couple examples we like: Go Pro  |  Insect Shield  |  

PART 3: Optimization