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Top 5 Sites that will Save your College Essay

Writing essays in high school or university has always been a pain for everybody, no matter how good you were at writing them. Every week you would receive an essay or two from two or three different classes, making your teenage years way more stressful than they should be at such a young age. The high schoolers and college students now have it easier, unlike students just a decade ago. Now, all you have to do is open on your computer and go online, and buy yourself a custom written essay for a few bucks, or just read every step of how to properly write a high quality essay. Life can’t get anymore easier for a student who wants to find how to write an essay properly.

The Top 5 Sites For Essay Help Online!

As a student, you most likely remember the struggle of finding someone who would proofread whatever essay you would write. Everybody would think of some kind of an excuse, either they were to busy with their own essays, or they had some sort of family business they had to attend. Moral was- nobody ever wanted to read your essay before turning it into the teacher. As times change, and technology keeps advancing- you can easily find a website that will gladly accept any amount of work you have, and gladly criticize all of it as well.

#5 ExamTime

ExamTime is an excellent online teacher, who pretty much just tests you throughout your visit on the site. They prepare you to take the final test, without much explaining though, which leaves it on the student to find and learn the information on different sites. Also, a very big negative factor about this website is that before you can use any functions the site has to offer, you have to sign up and spend money on it. Seems like they are in for it only for the money.


A newborn in the Essay help business, that is zooming through the ratings. This is an amazing service that has a huge amount of articles that explain everything you would ever need to know about an essay writing. Do not know how to brainstorm your essay? Do not know how to get a good topic sentence together? Do not know how to make your essay persuasive and easy to read? EssayHelp can help you with all of that, and even more!

#3 Get Revising

Get Revising uses information from over 163,000 different online study resources, which means that this site is ideal if you have a specific topic or writing problem you need to be solved. You have tens of thousands reliable sources to double check everything you learn, making sure that everything you read is correct. Very nice website, with an interesting homepage, Get Revising gets 4th place on our top 5 Essay Help Sites!

#2 Novel Guide

Novel Guide is fairly new in this business, and it is obvious that they still do not know what they wanna help people with, either writing guides, reports, essays, or novel guides. A big part of the content offered on the website is free to use, and some of it is mixed media. If you ever need to do some research on a novel, Novel Guide would be the best research resource for you.

#1 A research guide for students

This is a good free resource that has a large amount of articles based on how you need your essays to be written, the functions of essays and the things that should be featured in essays, such as writing styles, referencing and even formatting. It a a great resource for people who are doing distance-learning courses, and do not have a teacher whom they can ask questions.

In the long run, all of the websites listed above are great and informative sites, but each specifies in its own field of studies. If you are ever stuck in that situation where you are sitting late at night, trying to get an essay done that is due the next day, but don’t even know how to start it- feel free to use any of the sites listed below!