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EssayHub Essay Writing Competition

Essayhub has launched a community essay writing competition to help aspiring and experienced writers to showcase their talents. The internet based essay writing service, that has been providing essay writing services for students from different parts of the world, has decided to present aspiring writers with a chance to win their claim of $1000 which is up for grabs in this competition. The essay competition is open to anyone who believes that they have what it takes.

According to Essayhub, entry into this competition is free of charge. Many people may be asking what is in it for them. "We believe that we should reward our community for their customs as well as offer them a chance to earn some money by using the knowledge they have gained from our educational blogs", is their answer to this question. This type of event is aimed at allowing essay writers who want to test what they are capable of and get money while doing it. Those who enter the competition have nothing to lose but get the chance to test their capabilities.

In order for a writer to enter this competition, they should have a working email address that they have access to. In order to be accepted into this competition, individuals have to be either in high school or studying at a higher level. The work should be written in English.

Writers who meet the above conditions can access an application form on a page specifically dedicated to the competition on the company’s website. Applicants can also send their works in Word or Doc to the email address and with the subject line Essay Writing Contest. Authors should include their names in the essay itself. The company has informed those entering the competition to desist from engaging the judges on why they should be winners of this competition.

Essays sent to this competition should be original. Any essays that are plagiarized will be disqualified. This means that writers are not permitted to buy an essay and use it to enter this competition. However, writers who wish to visit the company website to find references from the many articles on their blog can do so with confidence. They have made some improvements to their blog by changing the design. They have added more visuals to the blog. Visitors can expect more infographics, pictures, and schemes. They are also starting to introduce video lessons on the blog with the aim of making the essay writing guide more useful and user-friendly.

Writers keen to enter this competition can write on various topics. Some of these topics seek to ask if the American dream is still alive, if money can buy happiness, ideas on how the educational system can be improved, whether taking an exam is the best way to test understanding, and whether teenagers should be exposed to violent video games, among many other such essays topics.