Ask Relevant Questions Of The Overseas Education Consultants

Keep in mind that it’s always better to ask questions and appear like an ignorant person than to actually be an ignorant person vulnerable to being taken for a ride. With this in mind, you will be able to ask overseas education consultants relevant questions that will affect your plans of studying abroad.

Besides, you’re paying the abroad education consultants to impart their knowledge and skills about student visas and the like. You have the right and responsibility to learn valuable things from them, perhaps even pick through their brains, so to speak. Here are a few questions that you can ask before making your decision to hire their consultancy services.  

What Kind of Assistance Do Your Offer in the Student Visa Process?

You should have expert assistance from making a checklist of the visa requirements to the admission into your choice of degree program and university, among other procedures. You have to do your share of the work obviously but you shouldn’t feel alone in navigating the complicated world of visa application and approval, even in the admission process for the university of your choice.

You should have a guarantee from the abroad education consultants regarding your admission to one of the colleges or universities on your list. You must work with them in this regard as well especially when you want to get into a topnotch university, such as an Ivy League institution in the United States.  

What Are the Colleges and Universities On Your List?  

You may want to be enrolled in Cambridge University, for example, but the foreign education agency doesn’t have the network for it. You must then browse through the colleges and universities that the agency has professional ties with, browse the degree programs available for foreign students, and check the enrolment requirements, among others. You may have to adjust your expectations because your credentials aren’t up to par.

You should also ask about these universities and colleges as their tuition, matriculation and other school fees will differ. You and your parents, for example, may want to go to Harvard University but your finances may not be up to par with the expensive costs. You have to remember that it’s not just the school fees that you have to pay for – you must also take into account your living costs and, sad to say, Boston isn’t exactly a small town with affordable costs of living.  

Last but certainly the most important, you must ask the overseas education consultants about their agency’s track record. Your questions can include the actual number of students who have successfully been enrolled via their agency, the rate of success in visa approval, and even the contact information of students willing to give their testimonials.  You just cannot be too careful, indeed!