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Credit Card Data Security-PA DSS certified ETP V5.5 POS

ETP International, a leading provider of Retail Software Solutions, announced today that the ETP V5.5 Omni Channel POS solution is now certified as Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) v3.1 compliant by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC).

So what does this mean for customers? In today’s world of data theft and hacking it means that customers like you can now feel more secure with the ETP V5.5 POS solutions to provide a secure payment card-related transaction process for the end user.

Being PCI DSS compliant means that, ETP V5 software does not retain, block or store and securely delete any sensitive payment card validation data, provides secure authentication features and facilitates secure remote access to the payment application while maintaining a log of all payment application activity. The PA-DSS certification for ETP V5 Suite is especially significant for customers of ETP Store (POS) and ETP MobileStore (Mobile POS) solution, as ETP V5 is one of very few retail software solutions to be PA-DSS compliant on the market. This means our systems pass the most rigorous security requirements PCI DSS has to offer.

PA-DSS is a subset of the Payment Card Industry, Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is an association of credit card providers who publish security standards for parties who handle credit card information. In order to ensure that all sensitive cardholder authentication data is secure, PCI requires merchants, banks, and all other parties that use a third-party application for processing payments to select one that meets the PA-DSS standard.

“Keeping our customers secure and successful is the number one priority for ETP. We continually push beyond the ordinary and develop omni-channel retail software solutions with secure payment applications that protect wireless transmissions, facilitate secure network implementation and remote software updates and encrypt sensitive cardholder data over public networks,” said Naresh Ahuja, Chairman & CEO, ETP Group. “PA-DSS accreditation is by no means a simple task. However, by accomplishing it, we make it easier for our customers around the world to apply for PCI PA-DSS certification, where the use of compliant software solutions is a key element of demonstrating their ability to protect sensitive card data.”

The ETP V5 Retail Software Solution has the unique flexibility to be implemented comprehensively or modularly, in premise or on the cloud, on virtually all platforms. It is seamlessly integrated through POS, CRM, social media and e-commerce, merchandise planning, promotions planning, procurement, distribution, warehousing and analytics (BI). With the scalability to support a global chain of stores, the solution is stable and sustainable, supporting business operations and processes when the enterprise scales up. Its open platform model allows retailers to select the technology platform best-suited for their businesses. It can be integrated to legacy or existing applications which maximizes past investments and minimizes the need for write-offs.

As the retail industry continues to evolve dynamically, ETP V5 is equipped to support retail enterprises with operations spanning geographical distances, cultural diversity, demographic disparities and varied government regulations. ETP V5 Retail Software Solutions are used by global retailers from various fashion and lifestyle segments: apparel, fashion footwear, sports goods, luggage and hand bags, timepieces, luxury goods, mobile phones and accessories, electronics and multimedia communications, furniture and home furnishings, jewelry and many more.

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