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EXAIR's New Small Stainless Steel Threaded Line Vacs Are the Right Fit

EXAIR's New Small Stainless Steel Threaded Line Vacs Are the Right Fit

The small size and sturdy construction of EXAIR's new stainless steel air operated conveyors make them ideal for tough jobs in tight spaces.

EXAIR’s new Type 303 stainless steel 3/8 NPT and 1/2 NPT Threaded Line Vac™ Air Operated Conveyors convert ordinary pipe into a powerful conveying system for parts, scrap, trim and other bulk materials. Their small size makes them perfect for fitting in the cramped spaces and tight confines of many production lines. The sturdy, corrosion resistant stainless steel construction makes them perfect for food service, abrasive or corrosive operations. The Threaded Line Vac is designed to attach to standard size plumbing pipe couplers, sanitary flanges and other pipe fittings, making it easy to build a complete system using ordinary pipe and fittings. These new sizes of stainless steel Threaded Line Vac air operated conveyors make it easy to sample gas streams, sample grains or other ingredients, move small parts, or transport scrap or product out of small spaces.

Threaded Line Vac Conveyors eject a small amount of compressed air through directed nozzles to produce a vacuum on one end and high output flows on the other. There are no moving parts and no impellers to clog. The response is instantaneous and the material conveyance rate is easily controlled by regulating the compressed air pressure.

303 Stainless Steel Threaded Line Vacs are CE and OSHA Compliant and are suited to a wide variety of conveying applications. Larger threaded sizes in up to 3 NPT and smooth end models for hose up to 5″ are also available in aluminum, 303SS and 316SS. Prices start at $290.