8 Tips To Build A Personal Brand That Stands Out

Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.” – Virat Kohli


A brand is everything. It's an image, an emotion, a reputation—anything that separates one thing from another. It's the first thought you have when you think about a certain thing, company or product. For example, it's the blue color of Facebook; it's the big 'M' of McDonald's. It's a design scheme associated with a product or service.


Branding has become something very important on a business level, but today we can also talk about branding on a personal level. Some of the best known companies in our society are closely tied to the person that stands behind them.


What would you like people to say about you? That you're intelligent? Hard-working? Devoted? Motivated? It's those things that people say about you when you're not in the room that define your brand. Whether you want it or not: you are a brand.


For that same reason, we have to create a positive brand for yourselves, simply because that's the way we get to great jobs, good salaries and good relationships with coworkers. To create a positive brand for ourselves, we don't have to be marketing experts, but rather try following these tips and tricks in order to create an image about yourself you would want people to see whenever they think of you.


1.  Be authentic


I know that there is a huge fuss about whether you should or shouldn't be yourself when we're talking about brands. But if you have built some kind of trust with your customers (think: bosses, coworkers, friends, lovers), then becoming someone else in the middle of the job and starting to do things from a whole new perspective can be a bit weird and you will lose their trust. Also, it really does get tiring to constantly pretend to be someone else. So, be yourself. Be authentic. No one can be you better than yourself. Of course, this means to learn and become a better version, but to still stay true to your own values and your own way of doing things.


2.  Tell your story


They say that every man is a hero of his own life's story. Isn't that true? Because of this and because of your background, make sure you tell everyone about your story and don't be afraid to show that you've been at rock bottom and that you have now risen up to become an amazing person, someone full of ideas and ambitions. You have your own unique story that should be told because it's from where you are empowered with all your motivation and goals. Examine your life up until now and tell those stories that are worth telling. Give people the hope and motivation they need. Show them that they can do whatever they want by following your example.


3.  Know your audience


Maybe even more important than knowing yourself is to know your audience. These are the people standing behind you and supporting everything that you do. You have to know their values and their beliefs, what they stand for. Of course, the standard demographic data is also important (their ages, jobs, etc), but you have to know their values to actually know what messages you're going to send them. You won't be sending them love paragraphs, of course, but messages of encouragement and motivational speeches are always needed – right?


4.  Make your message clear


What are you trying to tell them? What do you want the world to know? How can your words impact their beliefs and make them move towards something better? It's all up to you. Of course, you have to care for your audience and you have to believe the message you’re sending them. If your messages are just words without any actions, then there's no way your audience won't see that you're sending them without actually caring.


5.  Show your work


Thank God we have social media today. We have the full ability to show everyone what we're doing and how far we've come in our lives. Sharing content on social media reflects you and your interests, while also maintaining an active, authentic presence online. Share your interests, share your work, share what you have learned and let people see what's going on in your life. Social media is an amazing platform for sharing your messages and expanding your audience.


6.  Join communities and have a presence in the right circles


Yes. Join whatever organisations suit you best. Wherever you find people who inspire you and are working on the same cause as you – join them! Not only will you be seen in these circles, but you will also be inspired yourself. Also, leave a digital footprint: leave a comment, like and post some pictures from events. Don't let yourself be unseen.


7.  Optimize your social media


Now that you have started to show your work all over social media, be sure to not put things on your profiles that won't contribute to your brand. Optimize your social media to make a statement and show everyone that you're serious about your work. Let the pictures have a theme. Show your work everywhere and don't underestimate a good description or bio on your profiles. Extra tip: Don't forget to mention the companies and communities you work with!


8.  Experiment


Of course, when you come to the point where you have made a quality brand out of yourself, you should maintain it. But we all change and you are no different from the rest of us, so experiment! I'm not telling you to change your values overnight to see how your audience will react because this way you might lose them. But experiment...change your work field from time to time...this way you will always offer something new to the world and your audience won't get bored. Do something creative! Learn a new skill and share it with people! The world is your stage now!


Meta description: Branding has become something very important on a business level, but today we can also talk about branding on a personal level. Some of the best known companies in our society are closely tied to the person that stands behind them.