Eyes On Fremont

Have you been to our new location yet?

Have you been to our new location yet?

Have you stopped by to see Eyes of Fremont's new space yet? You don't need an appointment to feel like you can drop into Dr. Shelly Cadman's shop. We've carefully designed every nook and cranny of our new place to feel more or less like a 'boutique.'

Walking in, you're greeted by a smiling Sharon at the front desk.

Glancing around the colorful, open space you immediately feel at ease in your surroundings. Your first reaction is to either browse their entire wall full of glasses or to sit in their comfortable sitting area. If we didn't know any better, we'd think it's the perfect place to sit and have a chat with girlfriends.

Those soft and friendly touches have been carried throughout the space, making its way into the hallways, the eye exam room and even the room that hosts their fancy machine.

While Shelly's first love is to her Optometry practice and helping her patients receive the best possible care, her second passion is to finding the perfect pair of glasses that compliment the wearer and express their inner nature.

Our first step in showing people that glasses can be a creative outlet for an individual is to provide a comfortable atmosphere for browsing and friendly conversation.

Stop by Eyes of Fremont's new location on 111 S. Broadway in Riverton!

Hours M,T,Th 9a - 5:30p Wed 9:00a - 8:00p by appointment, Friday 9:00a - 1:00p