5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Women

5 Tips for Choosing Wedding Dresses for Pregnant Women

Choosing wedding dresses for pregnant women requires a good planning to get the model chosen feels good, at three months and seven, and that adapts to the evolution of the female body in this magical wait. So that you do not neglect a single detail, we have compiled for you the best advice, which will help you to get right in your choice.

Recommendations for choosing wedding dresses for pregnant women

Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis or Christina Aguilera are just some of the celebrities who have come out to choose pregnant wedding dresses. Chanel or Gucci have been their signature fetish, although it is not necessary to stick to these two brands since your favorite will also guarantee you an excellent result provided you keep in mind that:

1. Once you pre-select wedding dresses that you like the most, make sure they have a sufficient variety of sizes available before making an appointment. Keep in mind that even if you stay at the recommended weight and do not increase more than 10-12 kg minimum, your abdominal area will need a little extra space, and it is important to think about your comfort.

2. If you want to find wedding dresses for pregnant women that dissimulate a little, start by diverting attention, something you will get with a strapless dress and look for cuts that support your goal, such as the empire waist, which is cut a little below the chest And that if it also incorporates a top layer of lace or tulle will be the smartest choice.

3. When you want to show off trip it you can choose wedding dresses for more pregnant adjusted, provided you have the foresight to choose those with the right fabric, with sufficient elasticity to give a little of themselves and adapt to the evolution of your silhouette.

4. Do not forget the increase in size when between four and six months before the wedding date you order your dress. In that period of time, the belly will have grown significantly. The hard part is figuring out how much it will increase, though you can work on a safety margin by adding about one and a half centimeters to each measurement for each remaining month of pregnancy until the date of the wedding.

5. Not only does the abdomen grow ... so do the feet. Yes, in the last months of pregnancy it is common to retain fluids, and as a result, the legs and feet can become swollen by standing too long in the standing position and also towards the end of the day. Consider this circumstance when choosing the shoes that you will match with your wedding dress and, if you do not want to give the yes, I want it flat, make it rise to your favorite heels but have a more comfortable footwear for the celebration.