The future of Indian Wedding Wear with Sabyasachi

Amidst the fast evolving western trends in Indian Bridal fashion, lies few designers as saviours of traditional clothing in India.

Indians have a custom of announcing marriages in a much hyped and majestic manner. This practice has its origin dating 2000 years back in the history. Indian weddings involve several rituals which is celebrated for over a week. The country's gradual urbanization has a huge impact on how weddings are celebrated in present India.

The importance given to every single detail is seen evidently. Starting from the font of the invitations, placement of the balloons in the venue, the embroideries in wedding attires, location for the pre wedding photo shoots, the colour palette for the decorations, genre of the music , and for everything else, even the slightest detail is given impeccable attention.

The one important preparation which starts even 6 months before the wedding is the selection of wedding clothes. The reason to start so before in time is the growing demand for the designer outfits and it has become a tricky task to book an appointment with reputed designers in India. Despite of the heavy pricing of these designer clothes, individuals are ready to spend for the way it makes them feel special on their BIG day. There are several bridal wear designers in India but there is one designer who does it a little different.

Indian fashion has the most wealthy and revolutionary history. The fashion designer who incorporates such affluent Indian fashion into every single outfit that he designs is Sabyasachi Mukharjee. The man who strongly supports the handcrafts and one among very few designers who still has not moved towards the technological implementation on the garments. During his recent showcase, Sabyasachi says that he will never move out of traditional handcrafting of garments and it is quite sensible as most of the designers have already plunged into westernised designs while this designer stands still on portraying the royalty of Indian culture which would make him the most sought after designer. Inspite of retaining the Indian culture on his collections, one can never term his garments as 'old' or 'ancient', instead he manages to create every piece with its own aesthetics and its all fresh.

There is no woman who does not want to be a 'Sabyasachi Bride'. His Indian bridal wears are inimitable. Most of the time the design silhouettes are very simple and cliche like anarkalis, bridal lehenga cholis, sarees for women whereas wedding sherwani and kurta for men. What makes Sabyasachi wedding design stand out is his quirky placement and symmetry of the embroideries. Sabyasaachi's one important tip for Indian brides is not to look out for the current bridal design trend rather look what would best suit you and your tradition since bridal wears are worn once in a lifetime and he advices brides to choose them from their heart.

As we can see, the Indian bridal wears are transforming in terms of all factors right from colors, design to embellishments. This trend is been set by the revolutionising fashion designers, whose designs are also much appreciated worldwide. Though no one complaints on how gradually Indian cultural wear is sinking, few Indian fashion designers are expected to preserve the ethereal Indian bridal wears!