Awesome Ideas About Blouse Designs for Plain Sarees

Sari is an integral part of an Indian woman’s wardrobe. A good blouse design that goes well with the sari is a must. Saree is probably one of the fascinating unstitched fabric in the world that can be draped in several ways. A sari is incomplete without a good blouse design.

These days’ plain sarees and heavily worked blouses are in trend. You can try different types of blouses. Here are few design ideas that you can have a look:

Chinese Collar

If you want to go for a formal look with your sari, Chinese collar is the best one to go for. Not only they give a professional appeal to your style, but also, they look good on everyone. Heavy collared blouses look good on women irrespective of age and height.

Knot tied in the front

This is one of the sensual blouse neck designs out of all the blouse styles. This design is very much preferred and worn by Bollywood celebrities. Often the knot is just an outlook. The knotted look is a tailor bow present at the front while the mechanism of wearing the blouse remains the same.

Again, this type of blouse is suitable for any body shape of women. However, you must wear this blouse according to the occasion and events. Knotted tie blouses usually look good in sequin and pearl beaded work.

Strings at the back

This is another classic and timeless design. When you are in doubt about what to wear for a cocktail party or even an engagement party, you can simply wear this type of blouse. It is designed to lend a feminine appeal to your dress. In this type of style, the back is left bare except there are strings joining at the centre of the strap and shoulder straps crisscross each other.

You can also customise the design and make it the way you want accordingly. However, if you are going for customization, you must go for an inbuilt inner wear system, so that the blouse can be worn alone.

Backless with three-quarter sleeves

This is a great choice when you want to look classy with a dash of boldness. This blouse looks elegant yet conservative because of its three-quartered sleeves. On the other hand, the backless blouse adds to the charm of the whole look. These types of blouses are mostly seen in Bollywood movies.

Crop Top as Blouses

Crop tops are very much in fashion and the best part is that it can be even worn with sarees. You can flaunt your crop top with an elegantly draped saree. You can also pair crop tops with plain neon colored sarees. Even you can pair the floral crop tops with single colored dark or light sarees.


A well-stitched blouse plays an integral part in the process. According to most of the Indian women, a proper blouse can make or break a sari. Therefore, it is very important that you wear a styled blouse with your saree.