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What Holds it Together - Fasteners & Fixings on Iconic Structures

What Holds it Together - Fasteners & Fixings on Iconic Structures

Did you know how many are used to hold the Eiffel Tower together? Or how many fasteners and fixings hold the Sydney Harbour Bridge together? Find how many fasteners were used on some of the most iconic structures around the globe.

Ever wondered, what it takes to build and to hold together those gigantic structures and objects we see around us every day?

We have compiled a list of renowned structures and how many fasteners inform of nuts, bolts or rivets were used to hold these megastructures together.

Airbus A380

Let’s start with the largest double-deck, wide-body, and four-engine commercial jet airliner,the Airbus A380. The jetliner is built with six million individual parts and guess what, half of those parts are rivets i.e. 3 million rivets.


The ship was built using over whooping 3 million iron and steel rivets, weighing in at 1,200 tons. Unfortunately, in one of the many researches on Titanic, researchers found, rivets also played some role in the sinking of this iconic passenger liner.

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