Shopping Safe This Holiday Season

Shopping Safe This Holiday Season

Shopping Safe This Holiday Season

“In a time of turbulence and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power.” While John Fitzgerald Kennedy was referring to a different type of instability and transformation in our nation’s history, I believe these words speak truth into any period.

The method of payment for goods and services has made a huge swing to the digital/electronic side in recent years. Along with the rise of electronic payments we have seen a step for step increase in techniques the unscrupulous use to intercept this stream of electronic information. So there is the ‘turbulence’, now we need some ‘knowledge’.

One of the best ways to combat fraud is with information, and the more avenues to get at the same information the better. Given my job I am very aware of how these criminals are attempting to steal my money, but I don’t let it stop me from using my debit card, in-person or occasionally online. 

The reason for my continued use of electronic payments is, with my smartphone, I have no less than four options to check the balance and see recent transactions for my account. These options include online banking, mobile app, text banking, and telephone banking. In addition, I have also enrolled my debit card in our Debit Card Guard service, which alerts me via text when my card is used online, more than a certain number of times in a 24 hour period, or for large purchases. By using these information and monitoring sources, I am confident the time between an initial fraudulent transaction and my notice to the bank will be minimal.

I know there is no 100% guarantee my computer will never get hacked or my debit card will never get compromised, but given the amount of access I have to information concerning my account I will not hesitate to use my debit when I find that perfect gift. Here are more First Bank of Wyoming staff tips for shopping safe this holiday season:

Take the time to verify that your bank has your most current contact information, especially if you have recently moved or changed your phone number. This will reduce the risk of someone else getting potentially sensitive information from your mail. Also, Debit Card fraud notifications are sent by phone and text to the number your bank has on file.Shelley Williams, E-Banking Manager

It is always important to check your bank statement each month for unauthorized charges. It is especially true this time of year when increased card usage with unfamiliar merchants could lead to account vulnerability.Molly Lynn, Security Officer/DBSAC/Operations Officer

Your bank is undoubtedly working hard to protect its customers’ sensitive information. When customers do their part in protecting their identity and financial information, it is a huge step to reduce those opportunities for fraud. Take advantage of the variety of FREE products and services that can help. E-statements, Trusteer, Debit Card Guard, and text alerts are all great options.Jessica Gimmeson, Marketing/HPC Coordinator

Visit our website to learn more about the products of services mentioned in this article:  or download the Glacier Family of Banks app from Google Play or the App Store. From all of us, Happy Thanksgiving and safe shopping!

Rich Stearns

AVP/Cash Management Officer