Wyoming Territory

FCWYO Forms to Bring Pro Soccer Expansion Team to Wyoming

(Wyoming) — Wyoming's never had a professional soccer team, but that's about to change.


A group of entrepreneurs have kicked-off, Wyoming Territory Football Club (FCWYO), a soccer franchise with a goal to diversify, develop, and grow Wyoming communities through youth programs, entertainment, and economic development.


"If you've attended a youth soccer event anywhere in the state, you know the amount of people it can draw and the kind of economic driver it can be," said Jason Kintzler, CEO of the newly formed franchise.


Kintzler says the club believes the combination of Wyoming's strong brand and an eager, growing fan base is what's going to make the business work.


"We're setting out to build a solid foundation first and foremost. We want to form a passionate owner group, select the ideal business partners and sponsors, and then get down to the field level," he said.


Currently, the Wyoming Territory plan to compete in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) or the Premier Development League (PDL). Both are part of the US Soccer pyramid, just below the MLS (Major League Soccer) and the USL (United Soccer league).


"We're having discussions with two leagues currently," said COO, Fabian Lobera, "Both have shown interest in our proposal and we're confident we'll land an expansion team in the league that's ultimately the best fit."


Kintzler says the club's vision for the franchise has always been to let Wyoming have a stake in the game — and the team.


"It's important to us that we rally the soccer community and communities in general behind this vision. The team represents so much more than soccer. This is about pulling up our bootstraps and building something with our own hands, like a Wyoming citizen should," he said.

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