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Facts That Prove You Shouldn’t Take Menstrual Cramps Lightly

Are you fed up with your menstrual cramp? Is the pain that you experience each month during those days affect your well-being? If your menstrual pain is intolerable and you’re keen to get rid of it, it is a must for you to pay a visit to the doctor as soon as possible. Cramps are simply the worst. There are many women who have and hate them. After all, who wants to rely on a hot water bag and painkillers every month? Don’t you think that’s maddening?

Cramps are so disgusting that they can make you sick. At times, women who get this intolerable pain find it difficult to go to workplace or even with friends for movies. Being one among the major signs of bad health, cramps can take a toll on your health. Besides these, the other signs of bad periods include heavy menstrual bleeding, irregular or prolonged periods and lot more. In case, you are experiencing any such symptoms, feel free to see an experienced and trusted doctor. The reasons that lead to such pain are numerous but the common conditions include Adenomyosis and uterine fibroids. Majority of the women suffer from either of these conditions.

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of bad periods and considering it to be normal, you’re doing it so wrong as there’s a possibility that you might have either fibroids or Adenomyosis. If you are eager to live a healthy life, it’s better to get diagnosed as soon as possible. Here are certain facts that can help you know why you should take the cramps seriously:

• Women experience the symptoms for years

Doctors even see young patients in their clinics, teens to be precise of 14-15 years who seek treatment for the intolerable cramps they experience. There are many younger teens as well who suffer either from Adenomyosis and Fibroids. The mid-aged women are found to visit the doctors for their cramps. Some of these women have been seeking treatments from their teen age but they fail to get any permanent solution.

Certain women aren’t diagnosed prior to they get old as symptoms are varied whereas; some girls feel that’s how the periods are. But it is better to rely on a trusted doctor as prolonged underlying condition within your body can lead to something even riskier.

• Symptoms aren’t always experienced just around that time of the month

The pain when having sex, constipation or else cramping might start prior to a week. But with gradual passage of time, the symptoms might start affecting for one long month. For some individuals, the symptoms may worsen around the periods but those can just occur at any point of time.

• The killer cramps aren’t normal

There are women who even consume more than 10 painkillers in order to get rid of the intolerable pain. But these medications are not meant for providing permanent solutions to your problems. Rather, over-consumption can even lead to kidney failure. Hence, seeking medical help for appropriate treatment is necessary.

Owing to the medical advancements, the women are opting for more effective fibroid treatment these days. If you’re keen to have your periods without that killer pain, feel free to see a doctor.