Must-Have Features of Sports Bras for Running

For women who want to participate in running activities, choosing the right bra can be a difficult and frustrating process. Finding the perfect sports bras for running is important so that you can maximise your performance as well as enjoy optimum comfort, support and flexibility. This article contains useful information about the must-have features of sports bras for running, helping you to choose the best sports bra for improved comfort and a more rewarding experience.

General Information

When choosing sports bras for running, a large number of women select ‘compression’ bras which offer stability by pressing down against the chest wall. However, these often fail to offer the support necessary for running and other physical activities. This essential support helps to maintain firmness and skin integrity. Without adequate support, women can suffer from elongated ligaments as well as stretch marks caused by a premature loss of elasticity. The solution is to find a sports bra that reduces excessive breast movement while running.

It’s recommended that you choose an outlet that approaches bra fitting like a science. A personalised approach that takes your body type and lifestyle into account will help ensure that you buy the sports bra that works best for you. There are several must-have features of sports bras for running, including cup sizing, extra support, moisture-wicking fabric, and adjustable straps. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what these features mean and why they are important to have.

Cup Sizing

When it comes to sports bras for running, the best solution is to wear something that lifts the breasts up and centres them. This provides better balance as well as greater torso strength, among other benefits. Unfortunately, compression bras often fail to provide these benefits. As such, it’s important to find a bra that accommodates the specific cup size of the breasts so they receive maximum support. This helps to increase your comfort and performance while running. 

Extra Support

The best sports bras for running boast additional support features such as extra layers and side panels. Bras that feature supportive stitching around each breast, also known as ‘breast encapsulating’, are highly recommended. This is especially useful for high-intensity physical exercises that involve repetitive back and forth or side to side movements. Without the right sports bras, the breast tissue at the root near the breast wall can become stretched and strained over time.

Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Physical exercise of any type causes perspiration which can become trapped under the breasts. This sweat can lead to rashes and other frustrating skin afflictions. By choosing sports bras for running that features moisture-wicking fabric, you can enjoy physical exercise knowing that you’ll stay dry and comfortable. 

Adjustable Straps

Adjustable straps allow you to adapt your bra to accommodate a wide range of activities and exercises of varying intensity. They can be loosened for yoga and tightened for more arduous workouts such as running. Whatever your needs, sports bras for running that feature adjustable straps can significantly reduce bounce and provide the support you need.