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Things to Do Within 24 Hours after a Flood

As soon as the authorities signal the flood inflicted area to be safe for the residents again, people return quickly to check out their property. Upon your return, there are some best practices which you’ll need to employ within the first 24 hours to save your property from further damage and to ensure the safety of your family. Here are the top things which one needs to do soon after the flood:

Protect Your Health

Even if the water in your home has been cleared, there are high chances that the bacteria, viruses, and pests are still there. It could also be contaminated by household chemical or sewage, therefore, one must avoid entering the house and should definitely not let the family in. Even if someone needs to enter the house for some very critical reason, he should wear waist-high waterproof boots and rubber gloves if he needs to touch anything in the house.

Take Pictures

Before you call any professional company for the restoration process, it is advisable to take the pictures and fully document the extent of the damage that the flood has caused your house. It is better to go for digital versions and store them electronically as it is easier to copy them. If you let the restoration company do the job before documenting the actual damage, the chances are the extent of the damage will be decreased leaving no proof to provide to the insurance company.

Call the Flood Restoration Company

As soon as you have documented all the evidence, call the Baton Rouge Flood Restoration company so that they can start with their job and save your house from any further damage. They have the right expertise, experienced professionals, and industrial equipment to remove the water and to restore the objects which have not been significantly damaged. They can also guide you in a better way whether you need to repair a certain object or replace it after calculating the extent of damage on it.

Come In Contact With the Insurance Company

While the flood restoration company is already working on the repair and restoration process, you need to call the insurance company notifying about the damages. Talking to your insurer will also help you in determining the costs which will be covered by the company and the one’s for which you need to pay from your own pocket.

Secure the Property

It is better not to move in the house unless it has been fully restored by the professional company. It is your responsibility to secure the house and take the necessary measures with the help of them to ensure that no further damages occur to your property. It is better to move to a shelter or another location with your family until the house is completely returned to its original condition.

Following these steps, you’ll be able to get enough money from the insurer and get back your restored house soon enough.