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Blissfull Eating - Comfort of homes by ordering with FooDrool

Imagine a spread of exotic delicacies -Italian, Thai, Burmese, Mexican, Lebanese- on your dining table.

When living in Delhi or Gurgaon, experiencing world cuisine isn't a big deal. The cities are filled with plenty of fine dine restaurants and hotels. The ones with extravagant seatings, posh decor, a la carte services and of course elegant dishes.

Now imagine a likewise experience: warmly lit ambience, jazz (or metal if you like) playing in the background and the same great food from some of the finest eateries; all of it in your own house's private space.

Give regular pizza deliveries some rest and experience fine dining at home. FooDrool caters to all your gourmet cravings by a food delivery near you. Freshly packed boxes of goodness are delivered in Delhi & Gurgaon within 12kms of range. An association with the premium segment of hotels and restaurants allows us to bring flavours of the world at your doorstep. Surf through the website or download our user-friendly app to choose from a plethora of outlets the best for yourself and our in-house delivery team will make a food delivery near you.

Going out for a cheerful dinner out with friends and family is undoubtedly fun. But what better than having a relaxing day, chilling at home with dear ones, without the hassle of having to cook food. Equally wonderful would be the idea of having an intimate house party and hosting your guests with quality food. All with the ease of ordering with FooDrool. It's simple yet classy. Surf through our range of menu and you shall be tempted to order.

With us, it's not just about food, it's blissful eating that we take care of.