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This isn’t just a news feed. This is a community. Change the way it’s always been done. Build a lasting legacy with a Pitchengine Community News Stream.
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More than news.

We’re not just dreamers. We’re doers. This platform is for entrepreneurs, existing publishers and yes, even dreamers, who want to build something awesome with us.

News is no longer one-way. Pitchengine introduces the community into the equation by empowering influencers to create and share the news they’re most passionate about — for free.


Finally, a decent way to monetize your news on the web. We’re not talking about pennies, we’re talking about sustainable revenue. There’s never been a model like this one.


Responsive websites don’t cut it. Pitchengine is built ‘mobile first’ so everything we do is optimized for mobile - which btw represents >70% of all readers. Get news and native ads that work.

Why we do it.

Newspapers and radio stations are no longer enough. In fact, many are going away for good. They’re losing to Facebook and other digital publishers and not just with engagement, more importantly, with revenue. Pitchengine solves all that with our one-of-a-kind Community News Platform — built to connect communities and provide a sustainable business at the same time. Our model is proven, profitable and has powered the largest community news streams in the country for years now.
The Problem
Traditional news model is inefficient
Publishers can’t monetize news sites
Technology, like mobile, is a barrier
Software and websites are costly
The Solution
Connects influencers to news streams
Automated native advertising platform
Built for mobile - ads and news
Pay when paid with transaction fee

One stream.

No community is too large or too small for a Community News Stream. Take Buckrail in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for example. 1M page views per month, 8K daily readers and a whole lotta love for the local brand.
“We love Buckrail, it’s our link to life in Jackson!” - Skylar Carroll
"It's a wonderful platform, especially for a fire marshal.” - Kathy Clay
"I honestly don't know how I functioned pre-Buckrail.” - Mary Cernicek
Check out Buckrail and other great Community News Streams:

How we do it.

People in your community get pages for their organizations and businesses where they share their news. People follow these pages to stay updated. Think kids soccer teams or the volunteer fire department.
Your news stream serves as a hub for breaking news, local stories and content from your community. Most news is posted free by you, however promotional content is paid for by the organization through the platform. These posts are marked “promoted” and posted to your stream automatically.
You get paid everytime promoted content gets published to your news stream. So, the larger your audience grows and the more the community gets involved, the better. We charge a flat 15% transaction fee when the ad is placed.
Readers can always find relevant content, including ads, from pages nearby.
Understand what’s working and what’s not. Provide authors and advertisers with valuable insight.
We take care of your content and give you peace of mind by backing up your work to the Pitchengine cloud.
Since we don’t get paid until you do, payment happens at the point of sale making for easy, fast payment.
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