Decorate Your Home with Artificial Flowers and Plants

[Mumbai, October 6, 2016]  Nowadays, many people are opting to decorate their homes and residences with artificial flowers and plants. Sensing the rising demand for the same, and the lack of options available to us as florists we decided to build our own line of quality silk flowers and plants and thus the idea of Fourwalls was conceived back in the year 2006. Today Fourwalls boasts of a wide variety of artificial flowers, artificial plants and trees, artificial bonsai, vases and a variety of other home décor products that will help transform the look of your living space in the best way possible. Since not everyone gets enough time to take care or look after the maintenance of real plants in their home, artificial flowers and plants prove to be the perfect alternative.

The company in the recent announcement had made it very clear that the price for these artificial plants and flowers be kept very nominal, so that more and more customers, who haven’t yet adopted artificial flora, can get to try the best quality available so as to get a taste of these products which are highly popular in the west. The best part? These products are priced in such a manner that there is something in store for all the different kinds of customers with varied budgets for such products. As a result, nobody leaves disappointed.

The company has gained good amount of experience in knowing what really attracts the customers in this item category. This is the reason why the items displayed on their website have been categorized in a very clear way, so that the customers are not confused about their selection. During the press conference, the spokesperson of the company said, “Fourwalls has always been committed to providing the best quality products to their customers. This is the reason why we always make use of the best materials for making the artificial flowers and plants, such as Polyurethane (PU), natural wood, silk, etc. That’s not all. We also stock large quantities of products in our 12000 square feet warehouse, thereby ensuring that the customer doesn’t have to worry about the availability of such products when they need it the most.”

He also added that, “The plastic used in our manufacturing unit are absolutely safe and is refined in a very methodological way. After all, we don’t want our customers to feel any kind of dissatisfaction when purchasing our products. At, we have highly talented and creative designers and artists who know how to mix colors in order to inspire and impress minds. So, when it comes to manufacturing artificial flora bunches, potted plants, or glitter flowers, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring the aesthetic detailing of the same. After all, we want the artificial plants and flowers to look as real as possible. In this way, our customers can make their living space more livable.”

In the present time, even the interior decorators focus a lot on adding green elements to the living space. It certainly brings about some kind of positive energy, and makes your eyes feel more relaxed. But there’s a flipside to it. The maintenance of real plants and flowers is not that easy, particularly if you have kids and pets at home. Kids and infants often tend to play with the soil, thereby dirtying the place. Some even try to eat the same but in the case of artificial flowers and plants one can be pretty relaxed and not have to worry about such issues that arise from time to time.

During the announcement the CEO of the company said that customers would be able to get 15 percent of discount till the end of 2016 on their first order. No doubt, the offer is going to attract more and more people towards these items, and it would be interesting to see how customers react to the wide range of items available for them to choose from.

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