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Andheri, Maharashtra, 18/11/2016: The art of bonsai is something that most of the people already know. There is something really beautiful about bonsai that attracts huge number of people. This is the reason why a lot of companies make it a point to include bonsai trees in their workplace. In fact, when it comes to decorating homes then nothing can beat the amount of beauty rendered by these trees. Four Walls certainly understands the rising demand of bonsai trees and this is the reason why the company has launched new collection of bonsai trees. is a company based in India and headquartered in Mumbai. In a recently organized press conference, the company made an announcement about its new bonsai trees online India collection. During the launch, the company showcased some of the marvelous designs to the media and also shared a little about the importance and benefits of bonsai trees.

In this regard, the spokesperson of the company said, “The art of growing plants and trees in this way is more than thousands years old. Bonsai art has its roots in China, and with the passage of time, it made its way to other parts of the world as well. In fact, one can find bonsai trees in almost every offices and residents in the urban regions. In order to cater to the requirements of the customers, our company has launched exciting range of beautifully designed artificial bonsai trees. Artificial plants and trees come with tons of advantages. You do not have to take care of them, water them or nurture them.”

He also added, “At our website, people can choose from a wide range of options, based on their budget and requirements. The collection has been designed in a way to suit almost all sorts of needs, from the perspective of location and budget.” Some of the options available for the customers are:

• Artificial schefflera bonsai plant (29 cm tall)

• Alocasia bonsai plant with 6 leaves (38cm tall)

• Premium range artificial calathea bonsai plant (35cm tall)

• Artificial bonsai ficus plant with 6 stems and 252 leafs

Apart from them, the company shared many more designs, and most of them were absolutely stunning. Bonsai trees have an unusual charm and positive vibe that can significantly pump up the mood and ambience of any place. If your living space is looking dull and boring, including a bonsai tree can really bring in significant amount of positive change. Moreover, the availability of artificial bonsai tree for sale has certainly made things more exciting for the customers in India.

The spokesperson also highlighted some of the benefits of purchasing bonsai trees from Four Walls; he said that people will now be able to purchase bonsai trees right from the comfort of their home. If you check out their website, you will get ample about of details about the bonsai trees.

Company info: is a company based in India, and it deals in high quality bonsai trees, artificial plants and flowers. You can visit to find more.