Guide to Comprehensive Insurance for Car

Comprehensive insurance for car delivers a very high level of coverage for the unfortunate auto accidents. It offers coverage for the third party claims made against you for injuries to the people and the damages to the car with which you have met an accident. A comprehensive auto insurance coverage will also insure your car against accidental damages, fire or theft. You may find several car insurance full coverage policies that offer some additional benefits like offering a courtesy car while your car is in garage, paying for the medical treatment cost incurred due to a road accident, theft coverage for the extras or paying for the windscreen damage repairs.

Even if you are advised to take comprehensive coverage for your car, you should always take out some time to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the terms and conditions for the policy. While all auto insurance policies vary from each other, you need to go through the terms and conditions and interest before purchasing comprehensive auto insurance coverage. You can visit different insurers to get the full coverage car insurance quotes in order to be able compare the policies and determine the most affordable one that suits all your requirements.

Is comprehensive auto insurance coverage essential?

It’s a mandatory legal requirement for all car owners to have a car insurance. However, it is not necessary to have a comprehensive car insurance. As long as the car owners have the basic auto insurance coverage that covers the damage caused to the other person, car or any property, he is good to own and drive his car.

But since the third part auto insurance coverage doesn’t cover the damages caused to you and your car due to an auto accident, and do not include extras which could simply your life if worst happens, one would prefer to opt for the car insurance full coverage.

Can someone having comprehensive auto insurance coverage drive anyone else’s car?

Most of the Car drivers tend to assume that since they have the comprehensive car insurance, they are covered to drive someone else’s car. But it is not necessary that the comprehensive car insurance policy that you own covers you even when you are driving someone else’s car. It is always recommended that you go through your car insurance full coverage policy carefully or talk to your insurer once before you drive the car of someone else.