Fremont County Museum System

Riverton Museum Continue Temporary Exhibit Program at Riverton Library with New Agriculture Exhibit

The Riverton Museum is proud to announce their sixth installment of exhibits in their partnership with the Riverton Library.

“We crafted this display over the course of 4-6 weeks. We wanted to focus on agriculture in this area because of how important it was and still is to the town of Riverton and Fremont County.” Said Karline Stetler the Riverton Museum's curator.  The exhibit is comprised mostly of equipment used in farming from the early 1900s through the 1950s as well as photos of farming operations around Riverton.  It also features seeds from some of the most common plants grown around Riverton and Wyoming even to this day.  Felicity Boepple the Visitors Services Coordinator at the Riverton Museum had this to say about the exhibit. “We are very excited to have this exhibit on temporary display at the library. It’s a beautifully put together exhibit and it really gives adults and kids something to learn from and enjoy.”  The exhibit is available for viewing for Free at the Riverton Library during their normal operation hours, Monday - Thursday 10am till 9pm and Friday-Saturday 10am-4pm. The Riverton Library is located at 1330 W Park Ave, Riverton, Wy. Please call the Riverton Museum at 307-845-2665 with any questions.