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If These Walls Could Talk

These little log cabins may not look too special to the uneducated eye, but they certainly are. So many questions would be answered if only they were still around and could tell their story. The saying …”if only the walls could talk” holds true for this photo.

              Here is what we do know… The cabins sit at the present location of Wind River Meat and Gannett Realty just west of Horse Creek and northeast of Welty’s General Store in downtown Dubois. The top sign on the cabin in the center says, “Dubois Saloon” with some initials and prop’s, possibly indicating that a couple people were proprietors for the Saloon. The lower sign reads, Rhodes, Albert or perhaps Olbert Taxidermists. Taxidermists indicates that there was more than one and the names could be the last names of the taxidermists. The picture still has lots of interesting items to offer. To the left is an open sided shed with wagon wheels and parts, and a flatbed type wooden wagon. The corrals appear be newer with lots of horses in them. In the background on the right is the Nicol Hotel.

So the question that immediately comes to mind is how old is the photo. As museum professionals, this is something we face everyday. The Nichol Hotel was washed away with the flood of 1919 that killed “Doc” Welty and others. The space in front of the wagon and wagon parts is where Wind River Meat is located, originally built in 1902 by Bert Caldwell and Kay Clark as the Dubois Club Bar. It was operated as such until 1909. The Dubois Museum has another photo from 1901 that shows Welty’s General Store, these cabins, and the Nicol Hotel. This photo is from sometime before 1901!

If these walls could talk it would help us to understand the beginning history of the town of Dubois. The Dubois Museum would be interested in any information that might help answer the questions this photo presents.  


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